Friday, October 23, 2009

The Dublin pub guide

I'm still quite listful.

The Porterhouse (formerly Judge Roy Beans) - Like the Bada Bing, without the Bing.

The Bailey - Where formerly great pubs go to die.

The Dawson Lounge - Contrary to popular mention, nobody has ever tried to swing a cat therein.

The Chatham Cocktail Lounge - Nearys, but on a Friday night.

MacTurcaills - Eighteen yellow walls surrounding nothing at all.

Kehoes - Needs more red lit snugs.

The Stag's Head - All shadow drunks and substance.

The Long Hall - The slow pint.

Knightsbridge - Diddly squalor.

Mulligans - Not as friendly as it thinks it is.

Bowes - The seat by the window.

Flannerys - Mecca for muckers.

The Globe - You might drink there, despite yourself.

The Sackville Lounge - Sponsored by Racing UK.

Dicey Reillys - Coppers for bankers.

Coppers - Diceys for guards and lonely primary school mistresses.

Sheehans - Always seats available.

Noo Bar - Somebody really ought to apologise.

The International Bar - The great unwashed.

The George - Kooks and trannies.

Peter's Pub - Nobody has ever met Peter.

The Hairy Lemon - Be still my beating remortgage.

Chaplins - A fine pub for a break-up.

The Bank - Those waitresses!

Le Cirk - Winner of 'the best Dublin pub that used to be a Centra' award for 2009.

O'Neills, Suffolk Street - Was only in there looking for a way out of there.

O'Neills, Pearse Street - Can't see for the suits.

Doyles - Leave your sobriety at the door.

Q Bar - Not in a fit.

Messrs Maguire - The pub that 2001 forgot.

The Palace Bar, Fleet Street - One's raison d'etre.


NaRocRoc said...

No argument from this quarter on any of those.

How about part II...

Doran's, Dice Bar, Sin É, the Swan, Whelans, Bankers, Foggy Dew to name a few. Could become a publication this.

Radge said...

They may appear in the 2010 version. I have, quite bizarrely for me, never been to Sin É.

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

O'Neills carvery...mmmmmmmmmmm

Radge said...

Yeah, nice sandwiches too, but the place is too full of people I wouldn't have back in the flat.

Holemaster said...

Excellent description of O'Neill's. It's all corridors.

Maxi Cane said...

Sin É is what happens when student interior designers are given a budget for a trendy sports bar.

Radge said...

Holemaster - Cavernous for cavernous' sake.

Maxi Cane - I'll not bother if that's the case.

Ovak said...

Peter's Pub - Nobody has ever met Peter.

I have met Peter on a very many occasion, a fine gent he is too and his grandson Peter is pulling pints there now.

Radge said...

(Stupid Ovak, rubbishing me...)

Thanks for the comment, Ovak.

(Fuckin' Ovak...)

Ovak said...

Your welcome Radge and when I get the chance or the inclination I will pick more holes in your pub guide.

Radge said...

The guide is sacrosanct, Ovak, but work away. I look forward to your evaluation.

Alfreda said...

Why not takle a trip to John Kavanaghs, The Grave Diggers in Glasnevin? the locals are friendly..almost.