Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ah yes, Hallowe'en.

That most dramatic of nights where every thought in my head is bookended by an explosion of light and noise from the outside.

'I wonder if this cheese is safe. Three days gone. I'll risk it.' - WHOOSHHHH!

'These pickles look sad. I think I'll throw them out.' - GRRRRNNNNN-WHEEEE!!!!

'Fuck it, I'll have a Dominos.' - ZZZZZiiiinnnNNNNGGGG!

'Bollix - this book was due back in the library weeks ago.' pop pop pop BAM!

You get the point. I had the offer of two separate fancy dress parties but my cross dressing days are long since over, my one-week run playing the world's gayest hobbit Sam Gamgee - full stage make-up and almost lady garb - putting me off dress up for the remainder of my days.

We won't mention the year of the punk priest and purple hair-dye. That was just deeply wrong and instigated a ten-year sex ban. Disgruntling times, them.


mapstew said...

Feckin' bangers, driving the dogs wild!

I sprayed my luscious locks with silver paint one halloween back in the h'eighties! And I wonder why I've got a slap-head today!

Radge said...

The chemicals, Mapstew, the chemicals.

hope said...

You have fireworks for Halloween? Ah yet another cultural memo I missed. :)

Holemaster said...

Sometimes we can hear the odd stray banger escaping from Ringsend. Here in little England. Fireworks here are stewarded by cashmered Daddies in Chinos and Hush Puppies.

mapstew said...

Dem feckin' chemicals!