Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Embarking on a new relationship?

Wondering if, finally, you've met the one?

Simply text your name and the name of your new squeeze to 57757 and we'll tell you if you've got the perfect match.

SMSs cost €10 per month.

= = =

Some questions.

How, HOW is this shit legal?

What fucking dingletwig would fall for such a ruse?

What's this €10 a month crap?

And don't get me started on their 'perfect baby name' promotion.


adogwoof said...

you want to dance?

Radge said...


conor said...

some people are obviously utter spastics

hope said...

I'd say that's "Lonely hits a new low".

Sad, really.

And we can talk to you for free.

So far. ;)

swiss said...

reasons i'll be putting my tv in a skip sometime soon...

there's an advert by some mobile company on at the moment. they interview some glaikit looking feckers about what they'd do with unlimited free texts. wow, they say.

then it finishes with for only ten pound a month you too can have unlimited free texts...

Holemaster said...

I got stung on one of those after texting a ranty text to the Late Late Show.

Serves me right.

Radge said...

Holemaster - Tell the truth. You were trying to win a car.

Swiss - Glaikit?

Hope - This will never go down the subscription route.

Conor - Well said.

NaRocRoc said...

Good word that, incredulous.

And yes incredulous is right. Some people are better off parted with their hard earned if they're stupid enough to waste it that way.

Erf said...

I want to know what your babies names will be..

McMuck and the Mystery of the Kuúgleflarg said...

I just texted 'McMuck' and 'Radge' and apparently we've got a 73 percent chance of everlasting love.

And our baby's name will be Dunstable.

Sweary said...

Didn't wee girls used to play this game with pens, paper and a basic knowledge of addition at lunchbreak in the school yard?

Paul hearts Michelle = only 14% OH NOOOOO my life is over!

Now they've got an SMS service to do it for them? Kids are so fucking lazy these days.