Saturday, August 15, 2009

Unclean! UNCLEAN!!!

The house has been sealed off, the army are here with their white boiler suits and surgical gas masks.

It's raining Tamiflu tablets and they're powerhosing me down with alcohol hand rub.

They've set up an isolation chamber in the back garden and the rubber-neckers are out in force.

I just sneezed, you see, and I don't want to tell them it's the result of two nights' revelry and nothing more because they've gone to an awful lot of effort.

I suppose I'd better make them some tea.


Maimie said...

Having seen your place Radge I think they would need more than a cup of tea. Actually having seen you make that a double.

mapstew said...

Bless you!


adogwoof said...

The Pale Separatist Movement sends you its good wishes.

Meadow said...

An isolation chamber in the back garden sounds very relaxing.

Holemaster said...

Ah poor old ET.