Monday, August 17, 2009

Not in my house

The 'I Wouldn't Have Them In The House Because They Have Distinctly Punchable Faces' Five:

1) Andrew Maxwell from The Panel.
2) Jimmy Carr.
3) Lee Evans.
4) John Terry.
5) Danny Dyer. Oh that's a good one. Danny fucking Dyer.

The 'Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise' Five:

1) Lee Evans.
2) Jordan.
3) A****r B*a** from work. You don't know this cunt, and would not want to.
4) Amanda Brunker.
5) Harvey Norman.

The 'How The Fuck Are They Famous?' Five:

1) Glenda Gilsen.
2) Lorraine Keane.
3) Kerry Katona.
4) Amanda Brunker.
5) Jordan.

The 'Least Favourite Footballers' Five:

1) Ronaldo.
2) Ashley Cole.
3) William Gallas.
4) John Terry.
5) John Terry.

I thought I'd get ten top fives out of this, but my well of hate has run dry. Shame. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


adogwoof said...

Every pint deserves its own memorial.

NaRocRoc said...

I find Paul Scholes has quite the punchable face. And Alex Ferguson. And Rio Ferdinand. And Wayne Rooney. And and and, I could go on.

Maxi Cane said...

I shall give you suggestions, but it's going to come in the form of a blog post.

That's right, I'm stealing your idea and I'm ok with it.

Red Leeroy said...

What about the Seoige sisters, would you punch them? did you ever notice that they are actually 2D ?

Radge said...

AG - I remember pints.

NaRocRoc - You forgot Gary Neville.

Maxi - I demand accreditation.

Red - They're too bland to want to punch.

Holemaster said...

I'm guessing your work colleague's surname is Black.

Radge said...

Nope, his name is mud.

Holemaster said...

Can't for the life of me figure out the first name. Germanic perhaps?