Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bleedin' scarleh

The French teacher, the manky old crone, she's responsible for this. This perpetual reddening.

"Radgykins," she said, "come up here to the top of the class and point out the irregular verbs."

Of course, she didn't call me 'Radgykins' but she did apply the suffix '-kins' to my real world name, rendering me a shade of pink that colours my face to this day at the most inopportune of timings.

It's a fucking liability, especially when beautiful Czech women stop to talk on the subject of their homeland beers.

Her: "You like Budvar? It's great beer, yes?"

Me: "It's a great beer, yes."

Her: "You like Staropramen too?"

Me: "I love Staropramen."

Her: "It is my favourite beer. I like Ruby Leffe too. You like Ruby Leffe?"

Me: "I like it very much."

Her: "You are colour of Ruby Leffe. It's funny, cute Irish boy."

Me: "Ehm... Eh..."

Her: "You take my number, yes?"

I'll stop now before I get further into the realm of fiction.

That fuckin' French teacher.


mapstew said...

Hey, blushing is such a cunt! You could be in another county and mention me and I go red from the neck up!

But in my stage persona, I am confidence personified! Go figure!

Susan at Stony River said...

You got her number and you're sitting here talking to US??


Radge said...

The number was the fiction part/my stage persona, Susan.

Holemaster said...

I love the forthrightness of Eastern European women.

adogwoof said...

love it when the face is the same hue as the lipstick

Red Leeroy said...

thankfully I haven't had to chat up a lady for many a year. I would most definitely do much worse than that. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

I blushed at nothing for the entire year I was seventeen. I wasn't in French class and I wasn't being hit on by someone attractive. What a pain in the neck.

hope said...

Map AND Radge both are capable of blushing? Be still my beating heart.
I thought I'd cornered the market on that. In fact, the family still likes to say things and see if I become more...colorful. :)

Conan Drumm said...

Le French teacher wore glasses and a clerical collar and was probably gay. I doubt he still wears a habit but he might wear rouge.

mapstew said...

@ Conan; C.B.S.?