Friday, June 12, 2009

Sibling revelry

Encouraging reports greeted me online not 15 minutes ago, when I tore myself out from under the comfort of eleven hours' sleep. Unbroken. Fuck but I was tired.

Anyway, let's see what happens.

This morning I'm partaking of my own version of the office shitstorm, milling around Dublin trying to secure funding for the weekend upcoming. My sister's getting married. T'other one, not the one from last September, t'older one, t'one that used to fight me in my grandmother's sitting room.

We were the precursors to Gladiators, the UFC had nothing on us, until we got to college and realised we were a far greater force as allies than as enemies. She had the looks, I had the hair.

Well, I no longer have the hair, and she's kept her looks (the bitch), and she's marrying the boy Erf in Wicklow.

It's to be an outdoor affair so I want you all kneeling to the sun gods, we don't want a tempest that mirrors the nature of our childhood tete-a-tetes.

= = = =

Utterly unrelated, but I watched 'The Wicker Man' last night. The original version, not the remake starring Nicolas Cage.

Oh my, what an odious piece of filmmaking that was.

At one point, Edward WoodwouldEdward decides to leave the island and, as he's being rowed out to his seaplane, he tells the harbourman (like the rest of the locals, clearly insane) that "you people are all mad, I'm going to leave this island now and return with some more officers of the law."

What did he expect them to say?

"Ah yeah, no bother, work away chief."

Crap. I came very close to throwing my Winter Warmer Soup at the television. At least he got his at the end, though.

= = = =

I'll be back on Tuesday.


Elmo said...

I love the Wicker Man. My kind of film.

Radge said...

Elmo - No offence, but your opinion is wrong. I expected it to be like Straw Dogs. It's no Straw Dogs.

Gypseysdog said...

I'm sorry but I've got to come out of radio silence and damn you for thinking ill of the Wicker Man. It's a brilliant film. Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward are top in that. And the scene with Britt Ekland where she dances to lure him to her room is seminal. Or semenal even. And the ending truly pulls you by the tripes.

You've fallen in my eyes.

Gypseysdog said...

And the music in the film and the whole elemental nature, the way it's shot, the unsettling mood. It's REALLY well put together.

Rod Almighty!! You must have been too tired or something...

Gypseysdog said...

Oh, and this is not just MY opinion. Look at what the rest of the world thinks -

Gypseysdog said...

In fact, you'd better note down the date for posterity. This is the wrongest you've ever been in your life.

You couldn't go more wrong if you kissed your own dad on the lips.

Radge said...

5X - MOST vocal on this. I don't need to look at Rotten Tomatoes, I know what the world thinks. Didn't enjoy it at all but watching it through a week of work tumult probably wasn't my brightest idea.

And I'm truly sorry for knocking anything Christopher Lee-related. I know that's not sound.

And why did you have to bring Mick into this???

Red Leeroy said...

Britt Ekland had an ass double in that flick.

Ubuntuc said...

I have an ass double... i usually only use her when walking from the bathroom to the bedroom.. some may say it's a bit of a waste of money in these economic times... but i like it

Sarah Gostrangely said...

"we don't want a tempest that mirrors the nature of our childhood tete-a-tetes."

Gorgeously put, Radge.

Have a nice weekend :)

hope said...

Never saw the original. One of our rare trips to the movies was the Cage version. The kid taking our tickets looks to see which movie, [so he'll know where to point us in too-many-screens-land]and shakes his head sadly. When I look at him, he says wearily,"I feel bad for you. This sucks."

When we walked out, I looked him in the eye and said, "You're right." He nodded sadly.

Have a great weekend!

Meadow said...

Have a great time!

The original Wicker Man is one of my all time favourite films. Cult kitsch with substance. Very atmospheric, brilliant soundtrack. Love it!

Did you ask us to kneel to the sun gods after slating a film about adoring pagan gods though?

NaRocRoc said...

Havenae seen Wicker Man so no comment here. Must check it out.

But hope you had a cracking time at the sisterly nuptials. And hopefully things are looking up at Setanta.