Monday, June 22, 2009

Next? Mary from Greystones

"It's abominable Joe. I've been driving a bus for 26 years and I never seen anything like what I seen last Saturday. It was... I never seen anything like it in my life... Buses stopping on the side of the street letting people off to VOMIT... and URINATE..."

"Go on Peter..."

"...and DEFECATE on the side of the street!"

"Ah now Peter, were things really that bad?"

"They were Joe. They WERE. I never seen... I tell you something Joe, I've met Lord Henry Mountcharles and he's a gentleman and he has a right to put on these concerts and he's not the problem..."

"No, Peter, no, go on..."

"No Joe. No. Do you know where the problems lie, Joe?"

"Where Peter?"

"It's with the DRINK CULTURE in this country which is completely... abominable."

So. Well. Mystery solved.


tony said...

I Will drink To That!

Anonymous said...

WE were appalled at how inebriated the fans seemed to be


Anonymous said...



Holemaster said...

I was listening to Joe earlier to hear what all the fuss was about. And also because I like a good annoy sometimes.

I heard and I was annoyed.

Radge said...

Holemaster - You would've been. I was writing a whole 'nother blog at the time, but shelved that one for this one. Lots of paraphrasing but hopefully I got my point across.

Tony - We'll drink to anything.