Friday, June 26, 2009

Fresh claims

I expected something wholly different. A maelstrom of Antos, of babies in strollers, of wailing mothers, of Nigerian men and women, of the whole fucking country seeking to talk to cynical, evil drones speaking through the glass. I expected to be there all day.

I got there a minute before midday, took a ticket, sat patiently for half an hour before I was beckoned to a window. The place, while hardly empty, was occupied by no more than six or seven waiting dolers, myself included.

When I told the girl behind the microphone that I'd worked for Setanta Sports, she took on a look of greatest sympathy and asked me if I was OK?

Turns out I was.

She was efficient, kind, friendly and chatty but not in an obtrusive way. She asked me what I thought of this Michael Jackson business, she'd hoped to get tickets to see him in London. She was going to bring her kids. I was sadder for her than for him, than for me.

"How long can I expect to wait?"

"Ah, about two weeks."

"Really, heard it'd be longer."

"They breed us different up here, Radge. We do our jobs."

I asked her what her first name was, it was Anne, and bid her a very good day.

I walked home down the Cabra Road and checked my mail.

Finally, finally some word from the office saying my letter of redundancy had been issued to the correct address. I'd had to email the company's head accountant as my importunes to the HR person - a raspy little jobsworth urchin who said she'd give us all the help we needed just three short days ago - had yielded no response.

I thought he'd have more important things to do than write to a (now) former employee, things like saving the rest of the Irish operation, so his small note of guidance meant a lot.

As for her? She can do one.


adogwoof said...

no comment

Susan at Stony River said...

I'm happy to hear it wasn't so bad; glad that Anne was sweet.
Here's to good things happening.

Radge said...

Thanks Susan.

Holemaster said...

Fresh claims sounds like Fresh meat.

I'm not from it myself. Not far at all.

hope said...

If there is a funeral pyre to toast your HR person, please let me know in advance. I have a Supervisor whose ego needs adjusting. I've always been the "good example" employee until today. I cannot believe she wrote me up for something that was HER fault! And it appears she's psychic to boot...the "offense" is dated a week before she even mentioned it to me. Must be the heat. And the economy.

Sorry. This is your recovery spot. I just figured if you needed more fuel for your fire...

Glad you met someone who was kind. Mentally sending you good thoughts...psychically buying you a pint.

hope said...
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hope said...

My computer hiccuped and posted twice... I just removed it. Sorry!

Meadow said...

Dolers Utd.

Radge said...

Thanks Hope.

Meadow - We could start said new football club.