Sunday, June 21, 2009

449 not out

"Want to come back to my flat and throw cans at old people?"

"No, but I will come back and throw old people at young people."

Good comeback, I thought.

= = =

Look at Ronaldo. Look at him, the fucking cut of him. He's on Sky Sports News wearing a white vest and pink Burberry hat.

= = =

Yesterday, even though I was off, I wrote a feature for the homepage of the site. '20 Steps To A Football Transfer.' I figure the hits are coming in thick and fast given the current turmoil, so it's good to have something up there on display. It's also, if I say so myself, some of my best work.

Twelve hours after its posting? No comments.

= = =

At what point in his life does a man say to himself, "do I really need that Duck and Orange Paté?"

= = =

R+B is the worst kind of shite, isn't it? It is, yeah. Look at this cunt Ne-Yo on the ringtone ads. This is the point where Meadow tells me to switch off my television.

= = =

I still think I'd make a good funeral manager. Must learn to drive/comfort the grieving.

= = =

Will I still go to Dingle if I lose my job for a four-day session to celebrate the quare fella's 30th? Pricey but so, so enjoyable.

= = =

I saw the film 'Last Chance Harvey' yesterday in the Screen. It was... nice. Dustin Hoffman wears it well. In his 70s now.

= = =

Last night I watched 'The Class' ('Entre Les Murs') on DVD. Worth the fuss.

= = =

The honeymooning couple keep taunting us with pictures on Facebook. Idyllic. I think I'll gatecrash.

= = =

I have never, in my 30+ years, woken up in a cold sweat. I've never experienced a cold sweat. I think it's made up.

= = =

I really do hate an unclosed bracket, or an unfinished quote.

= = =

I'm dragging the arse out of this post now. Time to stop.


adogwoof said...



Susan at Stony River said...

Burberry + pink = so wrong.

Congratulations on the Transfer feature, commiserations on the lack of comments. I swear that when I *love* something I post on the blog, it sits and bombs; when I write crap about smashing a bug I get hundreds of hits and dozens of comments. I don't get it. Don't.


You will ALWAYS need the pate; as you get older you need it more. Iron is good for you.


Enjoy Dingle.


Perhaps I'm getting all the cold sweats you were destined to have, plus my own. I get them, and have all my life. These days I get hot flashes, but I expect you've avoided those also.


Time to stop, ok, but do one again. Much enjoyed.

Holemaster said...

Cold sweats are real. Never had flu?

Heard the The Class was class.

Radge said...

AG - You're a curiosity.

Susan - Wrong. A few comments now, most positive, another saying that type of writing is the reason we're in trouble but people are idiots. I LOVE pate. I will. Never had either.

Holemaster - Don't think I've ever had the flu, man flu doesn't count.

Gypseysdog said...

Never had cold sweat?

You don't do enough drugs.

Matt said...

I also hate an unclosed bracket (It was like this time this dude said to me "Hey, why don't you just go and fuck yourself.

I just thought that was really innappropriate

Radge said...

5X - I'll have you know I've done my fair share of Disprin over the years. My FAIR share.

Matt - There's nothing worse than a badly punctuated insult.

Meadow said...

Ne-who? Just turn it off. It's really very simple. And it's summer out there.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Great random action there Radge.

Like it.

laughykate said...

Cold sweats. Eeeeeuuuurrrrrgggghhhh, you'll understand them if you ever get them.

Radge said...

Thanks Sarah, an eleven track mind today.

Kath Lockett said...

I've woken up in a hot, messy, disturbed, 'just had a nightmare' sweat, but a cold one? No.