Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A quiet word

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse has found that abuse of children at the hands of members of the Catholic Church was 'endemic' in Ireland from the 1940s to the 1980s, that there were thousands of incidents reported, and criticised the Department of Education for its handling of said complaints.

The report calls for a memorial to be built and inscribed with the words of Bertie Ahern, who apologised in 1999 to victims of the abuse. Bertie Ahern, the former Taoiseach, who spent almost eleven years at the head of the Irish Government, at the helm of all governmental departments. Education included.

The report reveals that the Christian Brothers Order - the most culpable though far from the only responsible religious body - was defensive when confronted with complaints, though they have now issued an apology, saying, "we are deeply sorry for the hurt caused. We are ashamed and saddened that many who complained of abuse were not listened to."

So that's alright then.

All of this is reported on RTE, who make no mention of the fact that, because the Christian Brothers sued in 1994 to keep the identities of all its guilty members from being mentioned in the report, the victims of this abuse will not be able to bring the perpetrators to court.

RTE does not give a voice to those who attended this afternoon's press conference and protested at the fact that there will not be any prosecutions as a result of these findings.

Instead they print a series of apologies, empty admissions of shame and guilt, apologies given safe in the knowledge that no single member of the clergy will do time for these disgusting acts of terror.

Instead we get a plaque with the words of Drumcondra's most famous flesh-presser making everything alright.

As for Brian Cowen, who may or may not have had a word in the ear of the Irish broadcaster, well, he's said that the failures of the State have to be anknowledged and lessons learned. We haven't heard that one before.


Twenty Major said...

The report calls for a memorial to be built and inscribed with the words of Bertie Ahern, who apologised in 1999 to victims of the abuse.Imagine, after all they read, all they heard, all they listened to. All that testimony, heartache, tears, pain - they called for a monument to be built and inscribed with the words of Bertie fucking Ahern.


Radge said...

Twenty - That was the clincher for me, why I wrote this blog. Head in hands time.

Anonymous said...

We need a million people to walk to the Phoenix Park, 30 years to the day from the Pope visited in 1979. That would be a statement.

hope said...

I just attended a seminar on child abuse two weeks ago. One of the most outspoken victims was a man who had been abused my his local priest. He said no one even suspected ol' "Father Jim" because he was a "people person" that everyone loved.

Yeah, except little boys who couldn't escape.

Yesterday a local man was sentenced for numerous counts of sexual assault on 6 little girls, ages 8-11, beginning in 1974. {The older woman came forward after the last child was brave enough to tell her parents}.

The Judge gave him only 3 years because he had loads of people saying what a "Good man" he has been.

Ought to shoot the man AND the judge! See, stupidity is universal!

Twenty Major said...

The Judge gave him only 3 years because he had loads of people saying what a "Good man" he has been.You know I could live the most pious, respectful life of anyone in Ireland but if I shot someone in the head shouldn't I be punished as a killer and not what I was before?

The fact that they gave testimony to his good character should increase his sentence.

Not only is he a child abuser - he's a liar, a dissembler, hiding his real self from people.

People who stand up for cunts like that in court make me sick.

Terence McDanger said...

Two more quiet words?

'Shhh!' and 'Hush!'

From start to finish, silence runs through all of this on lots of levels.

And, Bertie fucking Ahern no less. Jesus.

Radge said...

Terence - The worst aspect must be that none of us is surprised.

hope said...

Yep, silence is fear raised to the highest level of threats.

Radge said...

Anonymous - I think you're Holemaster and I agree wholeheartedly.

McMuck said...

I'm going to print this blog and hand it to any politician (regardless of party because they have all been in power while this abuse has gone on) who dares to darken my doorstep. Fair play Radge. Fair play Vincent Browne. Barry Andrews, you're a cunt.

McMuck said...

And fair play Christine Buckley (director of the Aislinn Centre). I don't think I have ever heard someone so horribly and despicably wronged speak out against her perpetrators with such composure and dignity. Her phenomenal bravery against the limp-wristed responses of Bertie, Cowan and the rest expose weakness and lack of integrity in those who claim power in our country. I'm very angry. Rant over.

adogwoof said...

Capital Punishment for the guilty Christian Brothers. Bloody psychos.