Saturday, May 02, 2009

Page 190

I saw myself in the paper the next day. You look revolting, I thought. Like Miss Piggy's librarian sister.

Jack said he liked my hair shorter and Bobby said no when I asked him if he liked my new look, but at that stage I really didn't care what anyone thought. It was different and that was all that mattered.

I kept the extensions for about a month until I finally reached the end of my tether. And I nearly made myself bald in the process. I was at Jen's house with Carly one night and we sat there until about 3am pulling out each strand. Problem was, it was all glued into my scalp, so I almost ended up with less hair than Bruce Willis. We tried everything to get the extensions out, but nothing was working. We put nail-varnish remover on the roots and that was no use. Jen even went downstairs and came back with some pliers. We went on pulling and yanking until I looked like I had alopecia. I was crying at one stage because it hurt so much, but then I realised there was no point and started laughing hysterically instead.

Eventually, we got most of it out but now it was shorter than it had ever been. And without wanting to sound like a mad person, it was like getting rid of all that hair was the start of getting rid of the rest of the mess in my life - Jack.

After we lost the baby we never fully recovered and I was getting more and more fed up with his lack of oomph.

We were at breaking point.


adogwoof said...

no comment

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazingly brave of you to finally speak up and talk about you and Jack

Signed Carly

Terence McDanger said...

Oh goody, Radge got a new book!

Meadow said...

Page 190 already? Wow, it must be really good.

I didn't realise you were such a Jade groupie.

NaRocRoc said...

I'd say you were crying writing this.

Radge said...

AG - Silence is consent.

Carly - Thanks for visiting.

Terence - It's Booker material.

Meadow - There are 417 things you don't know about.

NaRocRoc - I couldn't commit the words to Blogger. I dictated it to my secretary, a la Walliams and Lucas.