Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's rollin' round the bend

We stand around, huddled, worried.

"Don't like the look of those media reports."

"No sirree Jim. Don't like the look of them there media reports one little bit. Packed lunches in future. Those eight euro ciabattas are gonna have to go mouldy. Spam sandwiches for me."

"I hear sardines are cheap."

"They smell fucking rank."

"They do smell rank. But what's a little bit of odour when we have media reports such as these, Jim?"

"Worrying, Jim. Lots of closed office doors. There's conspiracies a-bein' conspired."

"You paranoid dipweasel."

"Have you not read the reports? The media reports?"

"The fuck have we been talking about the last five minutes? And what's a dipweasel anyway?"

"It was your insult."

"True dat."

"And why are you all 'hood now? A minute ago you were Texan with your conspiracisin' and your drawwwl."

"That was you. I think we need some narrative. A framing device."

And so these ARE worrying times in the media fold, what with the manyforementioned reports and rushing suits up and down the corridor, clutching their briefs as they would a sick and starving infant.

Who's gonna hold me when the hour's notice comes?

Liquor, prob'ly.


Meadow said...

Yes, it held me well, when my hour arrived.

Actually, no. It dropped me splat on the ground.


Radge said...


Red Leeroy said...

Are they wielding the uncompassionate axe?

Radge said...

Red - Nothing yet, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

If you are cut, let's hope you get pasted soon after.

Holemaster said...

That was me again, damn return key.

Radge said...

Holemaster - Pasted soon after or plastered soon after?

Maxi Cane said...

mmm licker.

Holemaster said...

Plastered too.

Niamh B said...

Tis like waiting for the monster to arrive into Cloverfield isn't it?

Radge said...

Niamh - Indeed. And I've named it Brian Cowen.

hope said...

We were handed a sheet today illustrating how our paychecks [which we are suppose to be thankful to have, no matter how pitifully small] will once again decrease as health insurance coverage costs rise.

It was interesting to note that those of us on the bottom of the food chain will actually lose almost 3 times as much as those with the real paying jobs.

Radge said...

Hope - Sounds very Irish.

laughykate said...

Bless the person who invented alcohol.

Who was it, anyway?

Radge said...

DrinkyKate - That'll have been one Al C. Oholovskiy, a Polish sailor turned gardener who was looking for a more effective weed killer.