Sunday, April 05, 2009

Still brilliant sugar, turn over.

In a quirk of the rota I've got two days off together. This is a rare luxury, a chance to tease myself with luxurious sittage, readage, eatage, drinkage and collapsage before Tuesday morning happens and the workage resumes.

There are many things I could do.

Pottering about the town in search of the perfect cheese.
The Damned United in the nickelodeon.
Orienteering in Blessington.
The Age Of Stupid in the nickelodeon.
The reading of a book I have never read before.
Cursing at the television.
Six Feet Under. Third series.
Das Pub.
Das Park.
Das Dogging.
I could merely sit here typing.
But town it is.


Meadow said...

Collapsage - that's sounding good to me right now.

Have funage!

Susan said...

I like the sittage and readage myself, but I think you've made yourself a fine choice. It's a gorgeous day, have a wonderful time! Sounds like a good break.

Radge said...

Thanks you ladies. I'll take notes.

adogwoof said...

must down a keg

2 days off

I've weeks off - ha!

adogwoof said...

that's 2 weeks off - Easter hols

Holemaster said...

Cursing at the telly is good. But a day like today calls for passegiatta.

hope said...

However you spell FUN, that's what you should do.

Anonymous said...

The Damned United is excellent Radge. I really enjoyed it. Take it in before it disappears off screens.

Red Leeroy said...

A wise man I know recently coined the phrase that I am using a lot at the moment. I will ask what he is up to and the reply will always be the same.

"I'm chillin out to fuck".

Radge said...

AG - Damn you to hell!

Holemaster - I passeggiatad

Hope - Stellar advice.

Narocroc - Tomorrow, for definite.

Red - That's some aggressive relaxage.

B said...

3rd series of six feet under is a depressingly large drop in quality, I wouldn't bother with it.

(thank me for lowering your expectations which means you'll enjoy it more)

Radge said...

B - I've seen all of Six Feet Under before, just going through it again. Can't agree, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...


I've heard you can get away with that in Town if you bribe the coppers first, or involve them in the act... special bonus points for involving their horses.

Radge said...

K8 - As I discovered to my peril on Saturday night, but that's a whole 'nother blog.

Those fucking hoofs.

B said...

Nate's wife is so unbearable though!

Radge said...

On that we concur.

B said...

She's all over that season, surely that ruined it, no?