Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Sunday bluster

A frenetic few days and candles being burned all over the place. I look at my previous post and read it as though it wasn't penned by me, myself, I.

I have no recollection thereof.

Play, play, work, sleep, work, play and work. There's been not a minute of min to my aeon of max until now, this moment and an evening spread out before me of nothing doing.

Today was the watermark in busyness, covering both the racing and the football.

Darting typing fingers between sports and, as I texted to the good man Ollie, not a second to so much as fart. Then a taxi and home to rescue Isaac, a fellow tenant who had locked himself out of the house. Another tenner to the winds in the name of a good deed, and of a sudden I'm a man without immediate purpose.

Feels good. I think a pizza. And some unencumbered flatulence.


Meadow said...

Almost biblical.


Radge said...

Meadow - Watching golf. Bored already.

swiss said...

tenner for a good deed? sounds good at twice the price. you deserve both the pizza and a manly trumpeting of the bowels.

but, while i admore your position on the rugby, golf!!! ffs! surely the television of ireland can't be that bad?

Radge said...

Swiss - Only watching it for fashion tips.

Holemaster said...

Inspiring me to write of wind...