Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funniest home videos

Something tells me my streak of double digit comments has come to an end, thanks to those cunts in Spandau Ballet. I don't deserve your love after that horrible little piece of postage, Tony Hadley has much to answer for.

You catch me post-work, pre-fish and vegetables, pre-heating the oven and preparing the DVD player for one hell of a watching.

Let's have a look at the contenders, at random:

'I'm Alan Partridge' - Nah. Feature film time.

'Apocalypse Now' - Nah. Too light-hearted. I want something weighty.

'The Deer Hunter' - Too fluffy.

'The Wedding Crashers' - How the fuck did that get in there? I was plainly having a Spandau Ballet day. Shit.

'Donnie Darko' - A possibility. I'm clearly in the mood for some Tears For Fears.

'Play Misty For Me' - A bit close to the bone.

'Last Tango In Paris' - A bit close to the bone.

'Napoleon Dynamite' - Into the 'maybe' pile.

'Serpico' - Too Village People.

'Brokeback Mountain' - Too 'Serpico'.

'Deliverance' - Too titillating.

'In Bruges' - Too recent.

'Radge's Funniest Home Videos' - Fuck the film. We have a winner.


Meadow said...

Funny! Still love you.

I hold Tony Hadley responsible for an (almost) broken toe.

Squal, Radge, squeal. Post 'Radge's Funniest Home Videos'.


Red Leeroy said...

very amusing Radge, however I feel that deliverance should have been watched, only though if your home movies don't contain the classic "man gets hit in groin with medicine ball"

Radge said...

Meadow - I reciprocate with ardour. Fuckin' Hadley.

And soon.

Red Leeroy - I'm this generation's Benny Hill.

Kath Lockett said...

I admit to owning all of those except Serpico and, thankfully, Wedding Crashers.

However, most evenings I want comedy and at the moment we're working our way through the Entourage DVDs. VICTORY!

Radge said...

Kath - Entourage. Excellent.

Conan Drumm said...

I thought Apocalypto might make the list.

Radge said...

Conan - The Passion Of The Christ put me off it.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Post them! Post them!

Is it you pretending to be Fat Penny and making your own Late Late?

Darragh said...

Am I the only one that thought In Bruges was terrible?

Radge said...

Sarah - My reputation would be ruined.

Darragh - Anything but, I think I'm in the minority of people that liked it. Not loved, mind, liked.

Andrew said...

I'm also in that camp of people who thought In Bruges was daycent enough. I think it's the line comparing purgatory to Tottenham Hotspur that did it for me.