Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bad Parish II

There was plenty of strategic waving on the weekend gone by. The nine mile drive from the town to the house is purest waving country, a barren and long stretch dotted by houses, mussel farms on the sea and one hundred thousand fields.

We'd pass only seven or eight cars on this lonely old road, thin and never ending. Johnny drove and was the chief waver, acknowledging every passing Paddy with a friendly lofting of his paw.

Things got ugly, though, when one or two didn't return the greeting. I warned him not to become cynical, that cunts still exist on the seemingly friendly peninsula. Aisling told him the non-wavers were from 'The Bad Parish,' hence the title of the ninja post.

Still, I felt a part of him die before the realisation dawned that these shirkers were visitors too and that they hadn't become accustomed to the customs of the Goat's Path. They were clearly from Germany, from Britain or from Dublin.

At the finish of the path so went the waving. I wondered why.

"Radge, everyone knows you can't wave on a main road."

It's true, you know. You mustn't wave on a main road.


Conan Drumm said...

Here we just lift the finger (index not middle, off the steering wheel) to all and sundry.

Often followed by, "You think the fucker'd move over!"

NaRocRoc said...

I do love the wave thing. Us city slickers can learn a thing or two from our friendlier, more spirited country brethren.

Radge said...

Conan - Ah yes, I'm familiar with said gesture. Big in Tipp, apparently.

Narocroc - They're a better quality of person.

Coco said...

I lived in a part of country where everybody raised their two fingers off the steering wheel in a boy-scout fashion. Except for Big Murf who would wave very enthusiastically at you from his extraordinarily clean Range Rover. This led the villagers to believe he was a friend of Dorothy's.

Red Leeroy said...

I love the finger lift, it's pure brilliance but I like to pretend I am asleep when cars go by, tongue lolling, slits for eyes, drool for effect.

Radge said...

Coco - I too know a Big Murf, but he doesn't drive a Range Rover.

Red - Such mischief. It suits you.

Dot-Com said...

The seat in my current rental is so low I don't think anyone will notice if I wave or not!

holemaster said...

The finger wave is an endangered gesture. I partook in the Partry mountains over the weekend. A wild place of mountainy men and loyal border collies.