Saturday, March 07, 2009

Aborted entries

Yeah, having some trouble posting the last couple of days. No great crisis, just been sleeping and working and watching DVDs and not having the faintest fucking clue what to write about.

I started a few but they died on the vine:

First entry:

We started a poem once, in collaboration. He wrote the first line that went, 'O Wither, O Wither, The Willowy Waters,' and I came up with the subsequent, 'Farmers allowed to marry their daughters?' Only then did we allow ourselves to drink.

Second entry:

I fucking hate shit films.

Third entry:

'Breaking The Waves,' a cute and cuddly frolic through the heady fields of Calvinist Scotland. Fun for all the family. Emily Watson at her most wacky. Variety called it the 'film Chris Farrelly never made.'

Fourth entry:

Inverted commas. Inside or outside the full stop? Nobody can ever tell. OK, most people can, but I can't.

Fifth entry:

dheiruhfa frepqroa freqfheohnf fcrqefjoie.

= = = =

I actually posted the last one and took it down 58 seconds later. I was caught, though.

Oh, and look, the spell is broken.


hope said...

Good to know. I thought you were using invisible ink this morning...only the red light and sidebar were there.

Have a good weekend!

Susan said...

I wondered what happened. It hit my Reader, I smiled, I clicked, I ... found nothing there.


And I was completely in sympathy with the head-banging keyboard in that moment. This one too, in fact. I'm having no luck at all in writing these days.

Hope you're feeling better healthwise, meanwhile.

Green Of Eye, Sharp Of Claw said...

I hear you loud and clear m'dear.

Have spent the past 3 weeks bribing myself (yes it's possible to bribe oneself) with promises of cake if only i'd sit and write something.anything.It's working at the detriment of the oul waistline.

How're the kidneys feeling?

Radge said...

Hope - I've seen that happen alright. Technical glitch of some description. When it happens you have to click into individual entries.

Susan - These things pass, as you've told me yourself.

Green Of Eye - I read waistline as washing machine the first time around. Somewhat bizarrely. I shall check you out imminently. And the illness has cleared, general maintenance through good food and no booze.

Meadow said...

radge this is difficult for me to write but it needs to be said

sit down take a deep breath prepare yourself

okay here it is no punctuation at all and look out your window the sky is blue the world still spins on its merry axis its sunday hurrah sometimes its okay to put the inverted comma in the wrong place or even to completely discard that full stop



are you okay


Radge said...

Meadow - Why? WHY would you do that?

All that I thought I knew is lost oh yes it is

Meadow said...

I know it's difficult right now, but it'll get easier. And some day, Radge, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day, you will thank me.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Welcome back Radgical.

I like the "i hate shit films"; it's kinda neither here nor there.

What am I talking about?

Who knows but keep on postin.

Radge said...

Thanks Sarah, and you're stuck with me.

Holemaster said...

That full stop thing gets me too, I never know which is correct. See if the person you're quoting is..... oh forget it.

Dot-Com said...

I would have loved to read the fifth "entry" and killed to comment on the fourth :-)

swiss said...

you watched breaking the waves? lucky. you.

BananaBoots said...

'Breaking The Waves,' a cute and cuddly frolic through the heady fields of Calvinist Scotland. Fun for all the family. Emily Watson at her most wacky. Variety called it the 'film Chris Farrelly never made.'

That reminds me of "haven't laughed so much since Schindlers List"

Good stuff Radge.

Niamh B said...

You say you're stuck for inspiration - yet we're still waiting for the fridge magnet exposee

Conan Drumm said...


If Hamlet were a sub-editor his "slings and arrows" speech would have been all about that.

Radge said...

Re: Breaking The Waves - Fuck me, that's one dark film.

Re: Fridge magnets - I exposed one recently.

Gypseysdog said...

Here's one you can have for free - Find me an article about women in the workplace WITHOUT a photo of a stern yet sexy woman in a suit with her arms crossed.
If they spent less times crossing their arms and looking stern they might get paid as much as men, says you.

Radge said...

5X - Says I? Says you! (Says everyone)