Saturday, February 07, 2009

I seem to recognise your face...

I'm 17 in a second-hand shop with a girl called Valerie, in town buying a brown suede coat for the gig, my first time seeing them live.

I'm having an outer body experience listening to the intro to 'Release,' clad in that same coat while Kev chats up two girls from the North in the Point, October 26th, 1996.

I'm playing 'Footsteps' over and over and over again in my grandparents' house, and she can hear it from below. She asks if it was me on my guitar. I tell her I wish it had been.

I'm scribbling out the lyrics to 'Jeremy' having asked for more paper in my summer maths exam, third year, aged 15, stumped by trigonometry.

I'm getting a free 'Vitalogy' t-shirt at 7.53am on the album's first day of sale, 1994.

I'm being driven through town, through the Liberties, making my da and Elmo listen to 'Nothingman' rewound ad nauseam.

I'm trying to find the music in 'Stupid Mop'.

I'm seeing them for the second time, June 2000, before going home to set fire to a skateboard.

I'm a teenager writing a fanboy letter.

I'm looking at polaroids of a stranger meeting Eddie Vedder, seething with jealousy.

I'm arguing their merits over Nirvana, using 'State Of Love And Trust' as my prop.

I'm watching 'Black' unplugged for the 716th time.

I'm heading back to Limerick, from Tralee, listening to 'Yellow Ledbetter' for the first time in my thirties.


Dot-Com said...

I can't comment and yet I already did. I've forgotten all about it though, just as you said I had to.

the broken down barman said...

if i didnt like you before, i now love you to peices. the best band in the world by so many furlongs it is unreal. just last night i fell unconcious to their music on the leather recliner, past out with fag in hand. so much talent it breaks ma heart. never seen them live, but would love to so much. would do anything.
hint hint
uve moved up about three notches in the elvis belt of world greatness, my man!!!!!
p.s. will pay for ma own ticket!!!!
love the bdb x x x

the broken down barman said...

in fact. i dont like you any more.
im on a pj trip now.
21 albums, 232 songs and 16.1 hrs of music stored in ma hard drive.
dont think i`ll be sleepin tonight.
cannot find the candle of thought to light your name

ya bastard!!!!

B said...

Nah, England was where it was at back then in terms of popular music, Suede and eh... well Suede alone is enough innit?

Niamh B said...

Loved the brown suede coats, had a waistcoat meself, sang Jeremy in Irish - we were in the gaeltacht, "Daidi Ni Tabhairt tu aire - ar an eolas - gur nior thabhairt maimi a-a-ire, Ri Jeremy an Olc" never learned how to spell it - obviously - ahem.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Why did we write out the lyrics to songs?

I used to do that all the time.

Maybe in case you were ever quizzed on them by I-can-do-it-better friends.

Radge said...

Dot - No comment.

Barman - I sensed a chasm developing between. Glad to have bridged it.

Barman - Albeit temporarily.

B - Innit? INNIT??? Get the...

Niamh - Brilliant. I'll be fiddling with that in my head all day.

Sarah - It was in case we ever got called up on stage, the lead singer having taken ill. Seriously.

swiss said...

what, nothing along the lines of we're back at the top of the table, rafa is redeemed, all is well in lesser red land?

oh yes, except you're not....

Radge said...

May, Swiss, May.

the broken down barman said...

a challenge to you and your multitude of readers: a crisp £10 not ( or equivalent in euro) to the person who can guess the artist(s) and song titles to the most of my blogs.
come and have a go if you think your bored enough.......

Radge said...

I fear you've opened yourself up to a Googling, Barman.

the broken down barman said...

oh you saucy one!!! not had a good gooogling for ages lol

the bet is still on though

the broken down barman said...

do you take provvy checks?