Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been staring at the 'Create' page for thirteen minutes now. This doesn't happen to me.

I wrote an entry. Saved it. Started again.

I wrote a second entry. Saved it. Blank page again.

Now this.

I don't hold any truck with drafts. I have one or two among the hundreds, three at most. What I write I tend to publish and bedamned with it.

Now there are two fresh unseen posts, blogging about blogging, that most unsavoury of subjects.

What I will say is that I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to run out of stories, ones I can tell anyway, soon. The ones where nobody gets their feelings hurt.

Maybe it's just another one of those nights, or too much coffee, or the need to retch something out from me but I've been thinking more and more that there has to be a full stop to these stylings.

Posting about bread advertisements? Something has to give.


Susan said...

Something will happen; something will come to you. Doesn't it always?

Sleep on it. It will all be better in the morning. (Or not, but at least you'll have another day behind you.)

Meadow said...

It's probably just the hangover...

And I would never have seen that bread ad only for you, you know.

Future conversations would die:

'Do you remember that bread ad, years ago? The one with yer man who goes to the pilates? That was gas, that was. That was my favourite ad ever!'



swiss said...

susan is right, there's always something. tho perhaps you should look away from the past and things that happen to you directly.

for instance there has been a lack of red centred posts recently. understandable perhaps but the disappointment, the bitterness and the vituperation leave me, for one, feeling unaccountably merry. sometimes for days.

also, you do seem to be less combative these days. it feels like ages since anyone was referred to as a cuntgoblin etc

maybe you're just mellowing with agem preferring the delete button to responding in kind (see what you did!) or just plain letting people away with it. i refer of course to anonymous comments in the last thread. is there an acadamie for irish language, or some sort of association for the protection of hiberno-english?

for those of us from elsewhere we need to be told. in your own particular manner. don't do yourself down. it's just blog fatigue

Radge said...

Susan - You're right, there's always something.

Meadow - I couldn't be responsible for the unseeing of that ad. Or future ads.

Swiss - You're a cuntgoblin! Now. That feels better! Messing aside, I think you're right on the fatigue. I tend to know those that leave Anonymous comments, I must look back at the one you're referring to.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Hmm, strangely feeling the same myself.

Who knows though. The world might collapse and you'll be chock-full of inspiration then.

Here's hoping...

Red Leeroy said...

fuck it radge, just bury all your friends in a hideous tell all tabloid-esque rage fulled rant. Just change the names ever so slightly then deny everything.

Radge said...

Sarah - I'll start on the underground bunker.

Red - That's just crazy enough to work.

Conan Drumm said...

Sage advice from Red.

hope said...

Happens to all of us. I think we fear that, deep down, we aren't really all that interesting so our stories will dry up and no one will love us. Or worse yet...miss us.

Susan's right. Take a nap. A walk. A drink...of whatever you're allowed. Sniff a piece of cheese if you're not suppose to eat it...or just live in the moment and eat the damn cheeseburger for all of us who tire of hearing,"That's not good for you, you know." :) I actually have a sign in my senior center that reads,"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming, 'Wow, what a ride!'"

You're interesting just because an ocean separates us and I get to see how someone else views life. We'll still be here after your nap. Although I don't think any of us are allowed to love you as much as Terrence. He has seniority. ;)

Radge said...

Thanks Hope. Stupid computer swallowed up my reply to you.

Suffice to say it too has passed, just a bad night and the embarrassment's all mine. As for Terence, I think he's got quite the story in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

You're one of the most consistent (and consistently excellent) bloggers about. So I understand your questioning of the path forward. But that's natural when you care/ have standards.

Just keep rocking in the free world. You'll be just fine, I have faith in the Radge!

Radge said...

NaRocRoc - Many thanks.

Andrew said...

The sad thing is, hadyoupublished thoseposts on blogging you'd be getting about three timesas many comments as you have on this post. Nothing brings bloggers together like the opportunity to offer their thoughts on their medium of choice. Because we're all complete experts on the topic.
still, do publish the posts, particularly if they contain anything that might put a few noses out of joint. A good row is ever so much fun.

Radge said...

As evidenced by my Jade Goody blog, Andrew. They love a good row, do the commentators.

I may yet polish them up and publish them, one in particular.