Friday, January 02, 2009

What's in that box on the floor?

Eight people tried to convince me it was Friday today. It isn't. It's fucking Monday again. I won't be moved on this.

The 0ffice was empty yesterday. The chickenheads returned this morning. Monday. Don't try and tell me otherwise.

Despite all this, the longest working week known to man, I'm in topmost spirits. Work was better than most days, Christmas has dissolved to its busy bastard past and I'm left with just the words and better times ahead. I like the lack of complication, me.


Dot-Com said...

OK, if you insist, but then you should really try to hack the code and change the word Friday to Monday on your blog post :-)

Happy Monday!

Radge said...

I WON'T be moved on this.

Maimie said...

Nothing new here - you could never be moved on anything. Doesn't matter if it's Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun or any bloody day - week - month - year - century !!!!!!!!! Maimie.

red leeroy said...

days have no meaning when you don't start 2009 till the 9th, i shouldn't mock though, you just have to decide what day it is and stick to it.

Radge said...

You calling me lazy, Maimie??? Well, you'd know, I suppose.

Deleted your last comment, you have to respect the anonymity. It's a bit like AA. And where did you come up with Maimie anyway?

Red - The 9th? Gah!

hope said...

And 2009 officially starts on Jan. 5th for me.

Hubby has an archery shop behind our home [we're in the country, on 5 acres] so he often comments he can't remember which day of the week it is when all he does is walk between two buildings on the same property. For Christmas I found him a clock...all it has on it is the days of the week. :)

I dare say you walk to your own drummer and would only keep moving such a clock back to Saturday. :) Have a wonderful day today...whatever that day is.

Holemaster said...


That's a great way to be. Who needs days of the week, look how happy we all get once we forget what day it is.

hope said...

Amen. :)