Friday, January 30, 2009

A Perfect Day, Elise.

Anne Hathaway. You would. She's a bit gangly for me, but you still would. She's in that 'Rachel Getting Married' which I saw yesterday. It was good. Moving, even, because of her performance and those of her fellow actors. Heavy on the tension too, you felt throughout it was a pin-prick away from something nucular.


I also saw 'Frost/Nixon,' loving as I was the opportunity to see two films back-to-back on the first day of my holidays.

It was far from flawless - I thought Frost's volte face was a little too sudden, to be all wanky about it - but it never lost me and I came away thawly satisfied at a good film, well made.

Then I drank some stout.


Susan said...

The time of saying NUCULAR is past. Radge, please don't remind us of He Who Must Not Be Named!

But it sounds like you had a wonderful start to your holiday, very relaxing. Perhaps you'll even have time to remember to comment on some blogs you've erm, forgotten recently? *ahem*ahem* hmmm. Yes.

Maxi Cane said...

Anne Hathaway.

I would.

I have.

She doesn't talk about it though, too painful.

Radge said...

Susan - Amends have been made.

Maxi - She brings the sadness of your encounter to the role.

adogwoof said...

Eat the Peach

Susan said...

Radge, I loved it. Thank you for being such a good sport; I laughed!

RedLeeroy said...

do you have one of those cineworld cards radge? you know the one's that allow you to watch 7 films a day for your entire holidays?

the dublinista said...

Rachel getting married? Really?
I couldn't work out why the father was so unbelievably camp. I disliked most people in the film. Thoroughly let down by it.

Radge said...

Susan - Just doing my job!

Red - Something I should look into.

Dublinista - The 'camp' thing threw me a bit too, but I liked it overall. I've been to some ridiculous weddings. Actually, I'm at one in an hour, shit.

kiki said...

totally would

and if she had babies, name them all after shakespeare characters

adogwoof said...

has the wedding got you in the mood?

Radge said...

AG - The mood for sleep!