Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is it Claire or Doris?

This letter was in my post, addressed to my place but not to me. It's been in the hallway for a while now. I eventually decided to open it.

= = =


You'll have to tell Ciarán I won't make it to his mass on Saturday. I feel terrible about it so I do but I wouldn't be able to go.

Doris you and Paddy where (sic) always so kind and so good to me and I thank you again for it but what happened should have stayed quite (sic) because I never meant the house to be a bad thing. I thought and I was maybe, looking back, mistaken that it would put the past behind us.

You and Mary never fixed things and I know we always stayed in contact but I think now we'll have to go or (sic) separated ways. Mary never understood that eaten bread is soon forgotten.

Please pass on my love to Ciarán and I hope that all things go well for him.

Goodbye and all the very best,


= = =

So many questions...


prin said...


Ashley said...

I wonder if the bread in the past incident has something to do with the author's spelling issues?

I'm afraid I couldn't forgive that either.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

how interesting *ears prick in gossipy delight*

think you may have to go Columbo on this and get to the bottom of it, pronto.

Radge said...

Ashley - it's a burden being such a pedant. Good to know there's another one out there.

Sarah - I used to have the mack and everything, but it came a cropper.

gerrysaoirse said...

A Chara, Post is privite. Breecheng this privicy is series. What authoirisation did you have to opin the leter in the ferst plaice? Was it addressed too you? And to compund maters you go and f-ing publish it on the net for all too sea! How wud you like if this was dune to you Mr Radgery? The contents were privite. For all you no, important encryted infourmatiun could be contained within the letter. Next time, think before you open.

the dublinista said...

I've just reported you to An Post

adogwoof said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adogwoof said...

Check this out Radgery!
the site address is real long - had to
delete last comment to fit it all in...

at least, you'll be able to blog
from inside! but a pretty boy
like you would want to watch himself
in the showers...there'll be lots of

Radge said...

Dublinista - Do they have wi-fi in prison?

AG - Do they have wi-fi in prison?

Gerry - Do dey haev hifis in person?

Terence McDanger said...

Mack? It was a dirty raincoat and you were very much in the brigade Radge, fess up!

Radge said...

That's quite enough from you, Terence. QUITE enough.

Holemaster said...

You naughty fecker Radge but well done. I think you should reply to it. I think there's a comma missing after Doris. So I reckon they're all siblings. Gerry's wife Mary fucking hates Claire and told Gerry to break all ties with her. Claire must have got the house or something and Mary's not dealing very well with it.

I'm betting the mass is Ciaran's ordination and he's Claire's son.

Radge said...

Nicely surmised, sir, nicely surmised.

Anonymous said...

It's like a scene from a fillum (sic).

Radge said...

I'll get drunk on the proceeds (hic).

Darragh said...

I really want gerrysaoirse to be real, so much so that I'm following his blog even though he has no posts. Come on, after a comment like that, what choice does one have?

I'd have opened it too, in the same circumstance.

Radge said...

Darragh - trying to figure out who Gerry is. My money's on adogwoof in a different guise. He does stuff like that, the old goat.