Thursday, January 15, 2009

50 good things.

Turns out the glass was half full after all...

1. Crab. Not crabs.

2. Red wine horizontal.

3. Salzburg.

4. Torres.

5. 'The Gathering'.

6. 'Venus,' and the line about calling around for a little drinky.

7. 5X's laugh, loud and celebratory.

8. Whiskey with my da at all hours.

9. The National's 'City Middle'.

10. This.

11. Fitzpatrick's, Kilcrohane.

12. Erstwhile middlenight sexy time.

13. The apartment on Forbes Quay.

14. Olbas pastilles.

15. 25th May, 2005.

16. Robbie Fowler refusing the penalty against Arsenal.

17. Head down, eyes up.

18. Frosty, clear, cold and dark mornings.

19. Cambozola cheese.

20. The Stag's Head, crossed arms and drinking stout with Skehan.

21. Johnny's regular new insults.

22. Miaows down the phone-line.

23. Dingle Harbour drinking cans.

24. Weddings - the events, not the preamble.

25. New iPod Touch. Cheers Yamo.

26. Maimie.

27. Austrian women. Some of.

28. The hug in the bookshop.

29. St. Peter's Church.

30. Catting.

31. Arguments. Not rows.

32. John Benny Moriartys.

33. Comments on my blog.

34. The story of Twenty Quid that I haven't told yet.

35. The catwalk at work.

36. Sushi.

37. 'The Office,' American. Not English.

38. Radiohead post-OK Computer.

39. Hot Press pre-the last four years.

40. Coffee. Black. Strong. Unsweetened.

41. Me. White. Feeble. Unsweetened.

42. Sarah Gostrangely.

43. Having my own toilet. The things we take for granted.

44. Elmo.

45. 'Heat'.

46. Responsible parenting.

47. The way her eyebrow arches.

48. Secrets.

49. Stout.

50. An Capall Dubh.


Anonymous said...

I didn't want to be a list that mentions Fowler, Torres and such like in all in anyways!

Anonymous said...

Ahem, on a list as opposed to being the list!

B said...

well you are 100% wrong about saying the US office is better than the UK one. It's good, but nowhere f*cking close.
...shame Merchant doesn't realist he's the person with talent.

Radge said...

Narocroc - Your pedantry is engaging to me, and after my review of 2008 I didn't want people getting the wrong impression. Y'know. Sexually.

B - We'll have to agree to you being wrong on this one.

Dot-Com said...

Hurry up and get started on writing the story of Twenty Quid *lol*

Radge said...

Careful what you wish for, Dot.

Elmo said...

Glad I made your list Radge - I'm only your skin and blister after all!!!

B - For once Radge is right. Ricky Gervais annoys me in ways I can only explain with the use of hand gestures!!!!

Dot - you're right - he needs to get blogging about Twenty Quid, mainly so I can take the piss out of him.....

Red Leeroy said...

where can we learn more about 28?

Radge said...

Red - No. 28 could ruffle some feathers.

Elmo - Are you planning a coup???

Elmo said...

Yes. Yes I am.

Terence McDanger said...

Am I the only one thought this would be a list of 50 hot women?

Yes. Yes I am.

**slopes off**

Radge said...

That will be a future entry. 'Radge rates the supertramps.'

adogwoof said...

& for 51: a paddle in the pool

Red Leeroy said...

or perhaps Radge's perusal friendly coffee table book. "500 women I'd like to pork"

Susan said...

I like that list, especially all the mysterious ones like the hug and the twenty quid.

Am VASTLY relieved meanwhile, to find Elmo's a blogger and not that damn squeaky red thing that sets my nerves on end...I was a bit worried about you for a moment...

Radge said...

AG - Shuddup about that!!

Red - 500 might be a bit of a struggle, he lied.

Susan - Elmo: Blogger/sister/general mischievant.

hope said...

Yep, the "bookshop hug" sounds like the next tale I'd like to hear you tell. Please, she asked politely, wondering if Elmo was anything like her own march-to-her-own-drummer sister.

Maimie said...

Just want to know why I only made it to number 26 - should have been no. 1!!!!!

B said...

B: I would genuinely beat the shizzle outta you if you said that to me while I am violently drunk

...possibly true unfortunately

Kath Lockett said...

"The way her eyebrow arches" - are we getting some now, Radge?

Radge said...

Hope - The hug in the bookshop won't be telt, unfortunately.

Maimie - The list was not in order of preference!

B - Shizzle?

Kath - We're not. We wish we were.

B said...

yeah, shizzle, no?

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Intriguing really are one for the carrot and the donkey.

I too want to know more about
a)the hug in the bookshop (cos im a gossipy girl)
b)the way her eyebrow arches
and c)your misgivings over UK/US office. UK is, in fact, much better. so there.

Oh and I'm delighted im on it too :)

Radge said...

Sarah - Carrot and the donkey?

a) That one was years ago.

b) Unrequited love is a cunt.

c) See my note to 'B'.

And it's thawly deserved!

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Radge, carrot and donkey = suspense...dangling the proverbial carrot in front of the proverbial donkey?

i.e, you leave us lonesome readers hanging ;)

ok fine, that one was years ago, still want to know.

as for unrequited love, who hasn't been there, especially involving a 6 foot painter.

I will agree that you are wrong this one time. That is all.

And I'm a stubborn hoor.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

because i am drunk and i read over this comment i realise it makes no sense.

6 ft painters =unrequited love

wrong this time= UK office

stubborn hoor = all of above

Radge said...

Got you the first time actually, Sarah. Most people wouldn't but I'm a serious catch, me.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

I'm sure you are. And telepathic to boot. I'm sobering up now and on the hunt for fags.

Wish me lci=uk. I mean luck,.

Radge said...

Breast of luck, mademoiselle..

Holemaster said...

51. Burying my parents in the wrong grave, twice.

Radge said...

Is that where the name Holemaster came from, Holemaster? Just a thought.

Holemaster said...

No it's from seeing it written on the side of a van and now I'm stuck with it.

Radge said...

Better than getting it from an Irvine Welsh, novel, I suppose.

--V-- said...

Nodded at 49* and 48 (and found myself wondering why I went with cheap wine instead of beer tonight)
Smiled at 37 (in the middle of a season 4 marathon)
Leaned back at 31 (i'm a peacemaker)
Blushed at 17 (my mind clearly wandered to a naughty place)
Giggled at 1 (because stds are always funny)

*I've found reading lists backwards to be highly effective...or something... :)

Darragh said...

Go on Radge, give us Twenty Quid.

(not the story mind, the money, like)

Radge said...

-v- - 17 was meant as anything but naughty, actually the look on my big sister's face when she's pissed off. Also a big fan of the backwards reading.

Darragh - Get me drunk first.