Friday, December 12, 2008

The twenty brides of Radge.

The never weres, the almost cames and the always woulds...


I wouldn't hold her hand because I was five.

She left Dublin. When she reappeared I swore I never fancied her by 'doing the starfish'.

She was too sporty.

I said seven awkward words.

I was 'like a brother to her.'

She looked the other way.

We tried. We failed. We never mentioned it again.

Fuckin 5X.

I fell over a bike.

The best date I never had.

A knockout, but she didn't knock me out.

I turned the cheek.

She stole from me, kidnapped me, and expected to do it again some time.

Naked photo message two days in.

She was apparently too tall.

"I fuckin' love yeh, 'Radge.' I know I'm a bit locked, but..."

Hot. Hot. Cold. VERY COLD. Warm.

Where the fuck did she disappear off to?

The voices in my head got too loud.

No one liner on this one.


Susan said...

I like your list simply for existing. I don't think I could make it through my own.
Beautifully put, those.

Radge said...

Thanks Susan, once none of them read this I'm fine.

Oh wait. DELETE. DELETE!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh how's it goin Radge? Just wonderin, do you, eh, have the number for the, eh, girl with the naked photo message two days in? As I say just wonderin like.

Radge said...

I just found her number last night, Narocroc. She got the cogs turning. And no. It's mine!

hope said...


Red Leeroy said...

Inspiring stuff radge. There is a tv show in there.

Radge said...

Cheers Red, a TV show or 18 separate blogs. Two down.

Holemaster said...

Good one.

Mine mainly all come under "too immature and selfish to settle down and consider the needs of someone else"

I realised that just after the last one, damn.

Radge said...

It's always just after Holemaster, unfortunately for us!

Annie A said...

I like

Radge said...

I agree, Annie. I'd go as far as saying it's a work of shattering sublimity.

Gray Wright said...

I wish I had twenty, Radge.

And that's over a lifetime.

Again, something I would have loved to have written myself.

Radge said...

Gray, you do just dandy.