Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tonight, on Prime Time...

"Ya serious?"

"Yeah, honest to God, in front of his ma and da."


"He was locked he was. He'd nothin' on but a smile."

"What did they say to him?"

"Nothin'. They were watching the news."

"I'd be scarleh I would."


"Fuck sake. He done that a few months ago he did. Well not that, but he went running into me ma's kitchen chasing the cat."

"But you don't have a cat..."

"I know. He was locked he was."

"He'd want to watch himself. I seen him go after Leanne last week and he went to mooch her."

"What did Peter say?"

"Peter wasn't there, he'd have fuckin' kilt him."

"He's a dope. But d'ya know somethin'? He can be the nicest fella when he wants to be."

"Like when?"

"Like the time with the fire extinguisher."

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Still, he's a bit of a dope, isn't he?"

"FUCK IT! We missed our stop."


Susan said...

"...the time with the fire extinguisher".

There's just something about riding the's an adventure, every damn time.

Radge said...

I didn't have my earphones.

Anonymous said...

I see the telly in the pub has been taken down. Some aul codger must've complained?

Radge said...

When Grandad calls, Radge abides.