Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Upon encountering several new contacts on my MSN list...

He says:
She wrote 'Hey. Name? Age? Location?'

He says:
I just deleted and blocked her and all the others.

She says:
ah feck that could have been interesting

He says:
Nah, scam merchants.

He says:
Too tired for the cold-calling-prostitutes tonight.


red leeroy said...

Some lady stranger added me to msn the other day. 'How are you' she said. I replied, 'can I have you bank details?' Still waiting on a reply.

Radge said...

Was her name AlexiaBloJb564?

She decided to try me instead. No dice.

Anonymous said...

These phishy people get about. I'm always amazed at the number of people who seem to know me when I don't know them.

Radge said...

If you're like me, Singing Bear, those people are usually bank managers.