Saturday, November 22, 2008

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The neighbours would have heard all sorts of shouts, grunts and moans coming out of Radge's hovel this afternoon. Unfortunately for me, there was no hussy being sired to within an inch of her lucky little life. No no.

I was watching Liverpool. They drew 0-0 with Fulham at Anfield. At ANFIELD. A frustrating flurry of broken down counter attacks, Robbie Keane doing a very good impression of a lost and wandering dickhead, Torres looking like Robbie Keane, no Steven Gerrard. A sad lot.

I'd looked forward to this match ever since my trip to Clonmel to see Denise got postponed. A day of nothing much, sipping coffee and mind uncluttered, loads of football to keep me away from myself.

Liverpool spoiled my idyll, the cunts.

In happier news, I picked up 'Lars And The Real Girl,' 'I'm Not There' and 'In The Valley Of Elah' last night in HMV for only twenty five notes. I watched the first in this trilogy last night. It's very good, Ryan Gosling again doing a fine impression of the world's best actor.

If only Keane could do the same in a football sense I'd be on my way to some sort of elation. Instead I'm sitting here praying the Rags don't beat Villa.


Rua said...

I think the psychological trauma induced by supporting both Liverpool and Ireland will someday pay for the extension on my shrinks house

Radge said...

At least someone else out there feels my pain. Thanks Rua.

hope said...

Sorry your team didn't fare well. I hope you didn't stoop to cleaning house to get by.

Question: another blogger recently commented that "American" DVDs won't play in Irish machines. Fact or testing my will to see if I'll go look it up?

Haven't seen the first two movies, but do I have the third. I'll be interested in what you think of it.

May your weekend improve.

Radge said...

This is true Hope. In DVD-land you have region 1 and region 2. The US is region 1, I believe, while Europe is region 2. Or the other way around. Not sure.

However, a lot of DVD players nowadays are multi-region and play both.

Watched '...Valley Of Elah' tonight. It was pretty good.

the broken down barman said...

best film i have seen for a while is called rendition. watch it and believe. it is happening all around us. be careful. i have already banned my self from journeys to the US. sorry hope x x

Anonymous said...

Well, you'll be pleased by the result from Villa Park - though I can't say the same!

What has happened to Robbie Keane? He was a fabulous striker at one time and I always thought United should have bought him a while back.

Do you meant the Dylan film, 'I'm Not There'? I've been trying to poick this up for a resonable price for ages.

Radge said...

That's exactly the film I'm talking about, Singing Bear. Costs fuck all in HMV, ten euro if you buy it on its own.

Haven't watched it yet but will post my thoughts as soon as I do.

The United result cheered me up a good bit, rare set of results. Very much as-you-were, though we'd be laughing if Keane wasn't shite! He'll come good though.

Must check Rendition out, Barman. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

could be worse Radge, you could be an Arsenal fan like some of us unfortunate souls!

Radge said...

OK, I'll stop complaining now. It isn't fair to the smaller teams!

swiss said...

Liverpool spoiled my idyll, the cunts

not only do i not share your pain, i actively gloat over it. that said, this was the funniest thing i read this week

Radge said...

You're a good man, Swiss. And thorough.