Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kev's wedding.

At one point I had a beer, a glass of champagne, a whiskey, coffee, wine and water in front of me. I think there was dancing done and a jacket lost and found, and there was me, confused and stupid at 2 in the morning.

I fell asleep on the jacks.

Messy messy love the weddings, me.


Susan said...

A lovely bit of poem for the bride's scrapbook; I loved it.

But it's reminding me of the cousin's wedding I went to where the love of my life abandoned me soon into it; I was heartbroken and couldn't dance, couldn't smile for photos, I just struggled through each of the thousands of minutes, assaulted with the presence of happy music and happy people and wondering why... and trying not to cry over whatever had happened to make him leave me there alone, probably with a lady guest who'd caught his eye.

When it was all over I was sitting at the bar with a re-discovered cousin who'd come alone, and we commiserated on the betrayal of Men everywhere and drank the last of what the bar could offer while the band packed up its music and prepared to leave. Then, suddenly, Himself appears on the dance floor, trousers at his ankles, screaming at the band "PLAY YOU BASTARDS, PLAY!" because in truth he'd only been passed out in the toilets the entire time.

Odd, but I wasn't as happy to see him again as I'd thought I'd be. It's been years since I've thought of him, now.

Glad you had a good time--and congratulations to Kev and Mrs. Kev.

Radge said...

Glad to have jogged the memory. Unfortunately, there was no lady-love there to miss me, he moaned.

hope said...

I sense a sentimental, dare I say romantic streak, hiding in the midst of that list of liquids. :)

You never know who'll you meet at such functions. Just as long as your agenda isn't like one of those guys in "The Wedding Crashers". ;) Naw, you seem to be a better man than that.

Susan...ouch! Okay, so he passed out. But the least he could've done is told you where he was headed off to, giving you an opportunity to feel concerned rather than deserted.

Radge, next time you need to take a video camera and put something on YouTube for Susan and I to watch. In case you need a witness in a court of law. ;)

Kath Lockett said...

Hmmm. I've been a veteran of six-different-beverages at my table place at once too many times meself.

Still please tell me that you didn't remove one of the roses from the bridesmaid's bouquets, dash into the loos, insert it where the sun don't shine and take a photo of it via one of those freebie cameras left on the table? Not that I ever did such a thing of course...