Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spinal Flood.

Did you know I was in a moderately successful late-90s acid-pop-rock fusion troupe called Fust? No... Well read on...

Dave Fanning: You're releasing a Greatest Hits album - 'You Just Got Fust.' - exactly ten years to the day since you first played on my own show in the 2FM studios...

Me: ...I didn't know that. That's funny.

DF: So you'd say it was an accident?

M: Yeah, pretty much. Everything is. The fact is even if any of us wanted to remember something like that, chemically it would have been impossible.

DF: Good times?

M: I'm assured they were. Really we were just fucking around at the start. Myself and Phenyl (guitarist/flautist who left the band in acrimonious circumstances in 2000) were in Waltons and the magic found us, y'know? We felt wedded there and then, chemistry, bam, and we were very drunk which helped, frankly.

DF: Tell me how the rest of the band formed.

M: Shrooms, man. The silent something. But seriously, yeah, we needed a rhythm section and I was always impressed by Oli's finger tapping in the pub so I said fuck it. OC saw it too. Up to that point it was just me and Phenyl laying down what we could but we knew we kinda had to share it around make it big and fuck it to the big boys. Not that we had peers as such. We invented that shit.

DF: Your first gig was at the Mean Fiddler as I rec...

M: Mad shit. We were off our box but the music held. Great fuckin' show man. Luckily somebody had their Marantz handy. None of that MP3 shit back then...

DF: It was 1999. The technology had been...

M: Well we didn't fuckin' know about it. We were just throwin' it out there. Anyway, yeah, we got a recording and brought it to Eno. He told us to get-the-fuck. So we took it to someone else who played it to someone else...

DF: And a deal just like that?

M: No man they told us to get fucked. Still, we believed and eventually it took when we met Muck. He did right by us. At the start.

DF: Of course, there was trouble after?

M: Google that shit man. I'm not going over it again. But he was the man at the start. Got us onto Jools Holland, Jo Whiley, Whiley Fox, Bobcat and Sloane. You know?

DF: No I have no idea who those people are. Anyway, cut to 2000, your first two albums 'Get Fust' and 'Ridicule' have both been lauded. You and Phenyl are at the peak of your powers, the deal with Sony, Slane, Dalymount. Any of this ring a bell?

M: You're getting it man. I don't remember any of that shit. You take any photos?

DF: You serious?

M: Probably. I remember the feeling, and the music was pretty intense stuff and took its toll. The devil's in the details though and he steals that shit away. Bring lawyers into it and anyone would get messed around, you know. Royalties and all that bollocks. Phenyl cleaned up in more ways than one.

DF: Is there a bitterness now?

M: Life's too short but if he comes round my way he'd better have a fucking excuse note from his mother, know what I'm saying?

DF: Not a clue.


Gypseysdog said...

That's some funny-ass shit man. You're on form!

Radge said...

The album titles came to me in a dream.

You got fust!

Terence McDanger said...

Well imagined Radge.

I laughed my toes off.

Give me back my toes, that man!

Radge said...

Imagined? Nonsense. There's much about me you don't know, Terence.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

urgh am I gullible or what?

Please elaborate Radge, was there a fust? A Fanning interview?

I just googled it (naturally) and just came up with a band called Fist from Minnesota.

Could this have been a spelling mistake?

Radge said...

Not a spelling mistake. There was a Fust, but we forgot the music. It was the brainchild of myself and Gypseysdog back in college, but instead of playing music we, eh, got destroyed instead.

Hence the Fanning interview is largely* fictional.


hope said...

So basically you celebrated your success before the music played. In some circles, that would be viewed as conserving energy. ;)

Radge said...

I'm very much adept at that hope!

The less movement, the better.