Friday, October 17, 2008

Pleading patience.

That fucked up Friday feeling is here, it's to do with the impending late shift. OK, it's also based in the last two nights of carousing, but it's mostly work.


I haven't had words for the last four days, and none come easily to me now. I've even put on 'Master And Everyone,' the album by Bonnie Prince Billy. Normally it soothes me into my writerly ways, but it's not casting its spell as readily today.

Too much on my mind, and too little in it.


Susan said...

Last line's a gem.

Here's to weekends! (there's hope...)

Radge said...

There is!

hope said...

Do you honestly think I could pass up a chance to comment now? :)

Out of curiosity [which granted is often mistaken for being nosy but I swear it's kindly meant] how close is that 30th birthday? Seems people want to place added pressure on you in any year a 0 is added to your age.

Go have fun...then report back. Why? So we'll know you made it home.

Radge said...

Your comments are always welcome, hope!

I turn 30 on the 30th day of November. I'll be laughing and weeping in equal measure..

Kath Lockett said...

Hey Radge, try turning FORTY on the third of November.....

Agree with your latest blog comments though. Entirely.

Radge said...

All just numbers Kath... I'm just being a drama queen.

hope said...


On the "number" thing, not on your acting ability. ;)