Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kenny you monster.


I feel unwell. Carlingford was good craic, plenty of booze taken of a Friday night and no recollection of how Kenny ended up in the bed beside me. I checked around for the loss of my same sex virginity, and thankfully all remained intact.

Not that Kenny wouldn't make a fine sire, it's just that the gods of heterosexuality have chosen me as a disciple, and I'm not about to swing the other way. He'd say the same thing.

After morning beers I hit the road with Eric around 1.30 yesterday, and made it back to Charleville Road for 3. It wasn't until 5pm or so that I realised I was still locked, so one Domino's pizza later I took myself to bed, from which I have just risen.

I'm staring down the barrel of a 3-11 shift in Setanta now, happy I didn't embrace folly and stay with the lads that extra night. I'd be monumentally fucked as opposed to just a little peaky, a bit out of sorts. I think I just need a cup of tea.


Susan said...

Ah, tea and toast... even Sligo General depends on it as a guaranteed remedy.

I hope you're feeling better, that you dazzle Setanta at 3, and that Kenny cherishes forever his memories (if any) of your one-night stand in Carlingford.

I'll never look at the place the same way, now.

Radge said...

There were some awkward silences at the breakfast table yesterday, and all because I wouldn't give him my flower.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Dominos followed by tea, what a chipper solution.

My remedy of choice these days is panadol, a swim and enough style council to fill a bucket.

Enjoy the late shift.

Radge said...

I've gone down the Weller route myself at times, Sarah. Alas he cannot help me now. I'm anything but stylish.

hope said...

If we hadn't heard from you by Monday, I was going to ask Susan to round up a search party.

Hope your head forgives you, even if Kenny doesn't. ;)

Radge said...

The head is fine, but the brain is confused.

red said...

"peaky"- good term, i'm going to use it more.