Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Some joy tonight on the teaching front. A small amount. I didn't fuck up much, there were no awkward moments and a stimulating conversation about snooker.

That works for me.

I heard about Russell Brand, that stupid big-haired wankwit, and Jonathan Ross, that stupid floppy-haired wankwit, and their prank on the actor Andrew Sachs on Brand's BBC Radio Two show over the weekend. Appalling stuff.

They left repeated messages on Sachs' (he played Manuel in Fawlty Towers) answering machine, explaining how Brand had done the sex thing with his granddaughter.

Ross started it off by shouting 'He fucked your granndaughter!' while Brand left his initial message, and got worse. It was like two teenagers making a crank call to the quiet kid, high on solvents and crassness.

I wish I hadn't YouTubed it. It wasn't subversive, clever, dry, sarcastic or interesting. It wasn't bawdy. It was just the worst kind of knick-knack, like sticking a banger in a letter box and running away.

Sorry all the expletives. I'm very fucking tired tonight.


Gypseysdog said...

There's no worse cunts in the world than those two. I wish nothing but grief and harm upon them and their loved ones.

Radge said...

Ross is on Stg6m a year. Six million. He should be sacked. Brand is just a clown.

Susan said...

Glad to hear your workday was good.

I saw the Sky news broadcast about the Two, with 95% of people polled saying they should be sacked over it. Fortunately we were at Supermac's so there was no sound. They play the TV, then turn on the radio, which always annoyed me until now.

Radge said...

I wonder what the other 5% thought. They were probably ASBOs.

Glad you share myself and 5X's incredulity over this. They SHOULD be sacked, but won't.

hope said...

Gee, and I thought American politics was stupid!

Russell Brand is the only one I've ever heard of and I remember thinking, "Why did they waste 3 pages doing a story on this idiot?" in a magazine I'd read.

Radge, perhaps you could lure them both into a small metal container similar to a letter box...one which would hold them and their egos. Once they were safely secured inside, toss in a stick of dynamite, a match and tell them it's a new ecologically friendly flashlight as you shut the door.

Okay, maybe I could've used more sleep. :)

tina said...

I just read that BBC has suspended them both. Serves them right.

Radge said...

Tina - yes indeed, they've partially got theirs.

hope - You may be on to something. It will take some research.