Sunday, October 05, 2008

Damning Facebook.

Who among you doesn't have a Facebook account? I'm curious. In my group of friends I can think of only one, and I admire her steadfast refusal to socially network.

She's not built for such things, relying on such antequated forms of communication like talking on the phone and chatting face to face. I doubt she's set up on MSN. I doubt she even knows what MSN is. If I told her, she'd probably say, "that sounds great, maybe I'll subscribe. Oh wait, I don't own a laptop or have the internet at home. And I don't want to." I think that's great.

I have something like 130 'friends' on Facebook. Apparently I'm a 'Facebook whore'. Christ, imagine those words spoken ten years ago.

"You're a Facebook whore!"

"I'm neither a face, a book nor a whore. You slut."

Of these so-called friends, I reckon at least 40% are people I've not uttered a syllable to in months or years.

Another 20% would be those I'm casually acquainted with, such as Lynda in work, with whom I've had one proper conversation - at a Christmas party - in roughly three years. The rest is comprised of my actual friends, family and colleagues, persons I can text or email (normally) or call whenever the urge takes me.

So what's the point? As my good friend Julie pointed out recently "it's fuckin' stupid. You write someone an email, then the alert goes to their work email, then they have to log into Facebook to see a mail that could just as easily have gone to their work mail."

She speaks good words.

I update my status regularly, pointlessly. The current one reads '(Radge) is thinking Facebook is great for catching people in a lie.'

I was given the brush-off in the last couple of days, later finding out on Facebook that the excuse was a lie. There was no need for it, I would have accepted the real reason, and it hurt a bit. Nobody likes being lied to. I only ever do it if I cover my tracks very well indeed. I'm considerate like that.

Pre-Facebook, my little heart wouldn't be a little bit broken.


Susan said...

I'm not on Facebook, or Mebo or whatever, none of those. Too old and not enough time is my official excuse. Not really knowing what the f&*k it is, and groaning inwardly at the thought of having to grasp something NEW, is the real reason.

Twitter's another one. I get a mental image of Tweetie Bird swinging on the perch, but I know that's not quite right.

Last time I went on a hotel break the two young desk clerks eyed my laptop case and one said rather urgently, "We have WI-FI!" I suggested she see her GP, I had no idea, and I thought it was odd they had it together...kinky.

What a geezer I've become. But see, without FB et al, I have time to read cool blogs and comment on them, like this. So, ha.

Dot-Com said...

Broken hearts... they heal. Lies are harder to forget. Or forgive. I would know - I just blogged about men and lies, but it could as well have been women and lies.

Radge said...

Well Susan, in your case I'd say that ignorance is bliss. Was just chatting to someone about Twitter a short while ago, I have no idea what it is...

And Dot, I dunno. We're too honest for own good(s)!

Rosie said...

not on facebook, bebo, myspace, MSN, twitter or any of those things.

Radge said...

Marry me.

hope said...

I don't know how you did it, but you managed to find a group of us who seem to prefer reading your blog...I don't have a Facebook account either.

I keep telling myself it's because I think of it as for the generation behind me. Deep down, I think you pinpointed the true reason: too many opportunities for people to lie and mess with your head. For their amusement. No thanks.

Here you write, we read, and actual intelligent conversation ensues. Keep writing. I like it here. [Thank you Susan for pointing the way].

Radge said...

Thanks hope, we like having you here. And you're right, blogging is a much nicer place to be...

Kath Lockett said...

I am on Facebook, but have already got heartily sick of it. Don't mind reading the 'Blah blah is...' bits though, if only to marvel at other folk's wit or otherwise.