Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saw me coming.

I've just discovered a drawback to living alone - nobody to moan to when I have a cold.

I currently have a bastard behind the eyes, and every time I look around for sympathy I'm treated to a sink full of dishes, a silent mobile phone and that stain on the wall that I've never been truly comfortable with.

Times like this I miss living with Johnny, when he'd tell me to stop moaning - "you terrible cunt" - and fire a medicinal bottle of Stella towards my snuffly head.

He almost always missed.

Anyway, yeah, this came on me this evening. Cactus throat followed by sneezing and the urgent need to moan. Fuck it.

In far better news, I have a new laptop. About time too, as my previous machine would give a tiny little simper and pass out after roughly seven minutes, much like the girlfriend I don't currently have.

Got this little dinger in town today. Not knowing my gigobytes from my Intel pentium processors, the salesman probably sensed blood the second I left my flat. Still, the keys don't stick and this Vista lark seems easy enough to negotiate. It won't let me download MSN Messenger though, so if anyone can help, leave an unmoderated comment.


Susan said...

Aaww, poor wee fella. You can moan to me; if I'm lucky you'll drown out my resident moaner-man who also has a cold.

You're the fifth person I know (including myself) who has a new laptop; was there an epidemic that wiped out the old ones? Sticking keys and terminal slowness were my problems too.

Which was wonderful, because a woman shopping for laptops at PC World is almost as much fun as shopping for cars: you can see them grind their teeth behind their smile when you ask "how many screen savers does it have?" and "does it come in pink?" after they've spilled their half-hour spiel on gigabytes and processors and RAM etc.

I got my money's worth of fun out of him before I pointed out the one I'd researched and chosen before even walking in. At these prices, you have to make the most of the experience. (Or maybe I just don't get out often enough)

Radge said...

I like this sadistic side to you Susan! Making those shameless salesmen pay for their over-exuberant 'show-me-the-commission' patter. Kudos to you.

My last one served me well for five years, but drove me mad when I'd try to have two windows open at once. Loving the new buttons.

Dot-Com said...

If you don't manage to download MSN before I get back to Dublin, I'll help ya out. But I can't give any timelines, as I have a cold too (my poor ears!) and have decided not to fly anywhere till it's gone. Could be weeks...

Radge said...

I got there in the end Dot!

Susan said...

I hope you're feeling better now the weekend's over, and just to get you back in the mood to go back to work (not that we'll mention it yet) I've tagged you with a meme.

Heh heh um, er, I mean, sorry.