Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let me enthuse a minute about the film The Kite Runner. It's fucking brilliant.

I hadn't read Khaled Hasseini's book, so knew little about the story save for what I gleaned from reviews on its cinema release. Based in Afghanistan before, during and after the Russian invasion of 1979, it tells of two boyhood friends torn apart by class differences and an incident in which the poorer child falls afoul of a gang of youths in a dark alley.

There's much, much more and if you want a fuller synopsis head to the iMDB, but it completely destroyed and uplifted me and will likely do the same to you. Films such as this, by Marc Forster (who made Monster's Ball), only highlight the tat we pass as entertainment these days.

Tat such as Wall:E, which I went to see one raining afternoon in Antwerp. It had its moments but, much like The Dark Knight, the realm of fantasy doesn't float this boat and after a while the cutesy humour grated on me.

It was either that or Mamma Mia, though.

Elsewise, I'm coming home this evening. I have liked Belgium, plenty to see and do, but a week is long enough to be here alone. Brussels and Bruges and the lively and lovely Antwerp all made fine homes, but this nascent chest infection of mine will be better served by my own bed in Charleville Road.


Terence McDanger said...

Now I'm with you on Dark Knight but I have to say I enjoyed Wall-E. It was a bit cutesy I'll give you but I thought there was some lovely touches all the same.

And I can't believe you're sick again, you need some of Ma Cuddihy's tender care. Will you head off again then or what?

Off to Malta on Saturday and cannot wait.

Kath Lockett said...

Yeah, but what about 'GENK' - did you get there?

....oh please don't tell me that you did, and all you did when you were there was see 'Dark Knight' in the cinema....?

Radge said...

I got that very same question about Genk from my very good friend Dr Fell yesterday, Kath, and he was disappointed to find I couldn't locate the blasted place. I did pass through Gent a few times, but that's hardly the same thing.

The Dark Knight I actually saw here in Ireland before I went away, but Wall-E was in Antwerp alright. Left my hotel to find it pissing with rain and a cinema next door. Still, it IS rather pathetic, I agree. I should have gone to the Irish bar.