Friday, July 25, 2008

You do nothing for me, OH VIENNA!

I'm not wowed by Vienna. I'm not. I think it's a city that would do better in the sun, the problem being that there isn't any. Magnificent buildings aplenty - even the banks are works of supreme architecture - but I can't get into the place at all.

I've come to the reasoning that some cities are born to be seen in company, and Vienna is just too vast and daunting to be visited alone. Even now I feel guilty for taking time out to write this blog when I should be seeing museums and galleries and parks, but fuck it. That U-Bahn is a killer and I need to rest my foot, which is still giving me ire.

I'm staying in the Harmonie Hotel, and it's well named with its nicely appointed interior and sizable rooms. Imagine my delight at seeing not just a bathtub, but a bidee (not that I've ever used one without flooding the bathroom floor. I'm awkward like that.)

To get chronological, after leaving Strasbourg behind I made my way to Stef in Heidelberg on Sunday. We rested up, went for a nice lunch on the main street (can never remember its name), rested again and then went to Karlsruhe for DAS FEST!

Lots of terrible haircuts and even terribler music, but it was still a delightful experience spent in the company of the quare one and her friends Joanne and Henning.

Monday took me to Salzburg at Stef's suggestion, and mercy me what a place. I had the best food, the best beer, the best experience of this trip in its infancy. Forget Strasbourg and all that romantic nonsense, Salzburg wins flat out. I was staying near Mozartplatz in a pretty little 'pension' called Hotel Chiemsee.

The museum for the Amadeus lad was impressive, though I only had a quick walk through its courtyards.

The main street in the Altplatz was beautiful but far too busy with American tourists and real people alike.

I took fuck all pictures because I kept forgetting my camera, but that scarcely matters. It's all captured 'up here' (points to head) and would most likely bore everyone else to jaysus in pictorial f0rm.

Got locked in an Irish bar, as you do, and got chatting to the nice barmaid who wanted to know about Killorglin in Kerry for some reason. She's off there next week but I told her to forget that and go to Dingle for herself. She'd be much happier, and drunker for it, but she's set on her course so leave her be.

Right, I'm gone again.

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