Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radge goes all world order.


OK, enough with the French intros. I remain in Marseille but not for much longer. Leaving tomorrow morning at 7.39am for a location deep in the Himalayas. OK, well, Strasbourg, but it's one and the same really.

I'm not awed by this place, despite my good feelings about it when last I blogged. The port area, wherefrom I blog, is very beautiful, but head down any of the side streets and you'll see there's muck under that there golden surface.

Also, the people are far less friendly than in Paris, with none of the joie de vivre I came to associate with the capital in my short spin there.

I did enjoy my evening last night though. I sat out at a port-side restaurant for a feed of moules mariniere et frites. Now, the mussels were absolute cack, but the chips were sound as a bell and I'd a delicious wine to go with it. Not only that, but the setting (including the beautiful mademoiselle sitting at the next table) was really something to behold. Yachts, cathedrals and lights all around, with only a single high-rise apartment, in the distance, hurting the view.

My plans for Italy have been temporarily set back, with transport strikes crippling the country at random intervals. That's not something I want to get into, hence my course for Germany and onwards.

I've become addicted to BBC World News, as in my downtime it's the only English language channel in the hotel. Seems to me the Israelis got a pretty raw deal in their exchange with Hezbollah, but I do admire them for bringing those bodies back to native soil.

Hang on. I've gone political. I need to get drunk immediately.

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