Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dark Knight

Down in Limerick at the minute, boredom took hold last night so myself and the aul lad went down the road to see 'The Dark Knight.'

Imagine my surprise to discover it didn't single-handedly redefine the role of cinema in our society, didn't cure world hunger, didn't get the cinema to combust in one massive orgasmic explosion.

It was perfectly fine.

I was entertained but I found the whole thing spoiled by too many characters, crap sound in the cinema and Batman's voice. I couldn't help thinking he was doing a bad Harry Callahan throughout, and would any minute ask the Joker was he feeling lucky?

Pedant that I am, I've always had trouble suspending disbelief with these types of films. The inner child swallowed by the inner critic.

Good work by Heath Ledger, though. Still a damn shame...


Kath Lockett said...

Agree completely, Radge (a lurker from Terence McD, wanting to find out more about the mystery that is Radge).

Never could swallow the idea of a 'grown up' film about a bloke in a batsuit fighting cartoonish villians. There's enough of that shite available in the R-rated section in my local video shop.

Radge said...


Pleasure to make your acquaintance Kath, I do love it when Terence, old dog that he is, sends some business my way!

Terence McDanger said...


I concur with your assessment of said moving picture, can't see what the fuss is about. It's a perfectly serviceable piece of celluloid but I wouldn't be smearing myself in celebratory goose fat over it or anything.