Monday, June 23, 2008

Yay Spain

Yay Spain.

I rarely seem to get my way when watching penalty shoot-outs, but last night proved otherwise with Liverpool 2 getting through to the semi-finals of Euro 2008. Nice one.

I watched the first half in the company of Dave and pals, but decided then to hightail it back to Charleville Road, with getting locked last on the agenda. Cheered by my decision today, got me some European train tickets to purchase, with a definitive route still to be plotted.

What I can confirm is that I depart for London on July 11th, and then onwards to France, Spain, Italy and beyond. Oh yippity it's going to be an eye opener.

While all youse fuckers will be interfacing, crossing 'i's and dotting 't's I'll be sipping beers and wines unknown in Europe's vast expanse. I'm nervous about it, yes, but that's overruled by the excitement at the whole thing. I'm jittery with it, wishing it nearer and nearer. I just hope the funds hold out.

In other news, I went to see Gone Baby Gone with Lynn yesterday. A tremendous film, made better, I felt, by an ending that leaves the audience uneasy, morally unsure and riveted. Ben Affleck done good with his directorial debut. Done very good indeed.


emordino said...

It is a very good film. That last shot really gets to you.

Radge said...

The line about the 'pot roast' killed me.