Monday, June 02, 2008

Where in the world?

Fuckin' flies. I'd close my window but it's too warm.

Howayis? I'm enjoying the second of two consecutive days off in Dublin for the first time in months and months, spending it indoors despite the splendour of the outside, but that will be rectified this very evening when I greet Denise for lager beers.

I'd like to take this moment to apologise to Anne and Emma for my months of carping about them not calling in to see me at Charleville Road. They rectified the situation last evening, but lawyers prohibit me from getting into the rest of the evening's events. Suffice to say I promise the two girls I'll be a more hospitable host next time.

Just four more days until I fly the Setanta coup, with my return currently scheduled for late September. The plan is to doodle around here for the month of June before heading off on my travels for two months. Europe? Bring it on. I suspect visits will be paid to 5x in Paris, Stef in Germany and Michelle in Geneva. Who knows, I may even make it to Malmo.

The finer details, nay, ALL the details have still to be worked out, but I'm looking forward to it immensely.

Upon finding out my plans, 5x gushed: "Do you KNOW how much sex you're going to have? DO YOU???"

Going by my current leg-over-value ratio, yes I do - none of - but we'll see if the lusty fields of Italy, Slovenia et al might get the juices flowing.

Me? I'm just looking forward to the food. I undertake to sample all the local delights, and if anyone has suggestions as to where I should place my hat, it will be gratefully received.

I had a depressing dream last night, or this morning as it was. I didn't rise until midday. I was at my own book launch, each of my peers paying homage to my first tome. "I just wanted to get it written before I was 30," I said to nobody in particular. Then I woke up, realising I have, oh, six months to complete my task.

Anybody have a spare thesaurus?


Dot-Com said...

Just write that ghost story and include Mr Lake and you'll be grand :-)

And it seems very rude not to let your sisters visit. Not sure what to say!

Rosie said...

you're single?!? i'g have goaded you into buying me a pint ages ago had i known that.

am very jealous of you heading off on your travels. make sure to spend some time in Poland, Krakow in particular. also Berlin, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid...


Prague's shit though. and Rome. and Geneva's boring.

Radge said...

Just say the word Rosie, I'm open to all invitations between now and my departure.

Was in Geneva before and I don't disagree. I've been told about Krakow alright, and I have an itch for Ljubljana that needs scratching.

As for you Dot, I think silence is the only option on that episode.

Rosie said...


email me.

my friend the SWF tells me that Ljubljana is nice this time of year. not terribly exciting, but nice. i just find it very hard to spell.

Radge said...

Will do.

A friend of mine once wrote a song called 'Lovely Anna from Ljubljana.' It wasn't bad. Sounded like old Blur.

Dot-Com said...


Anonymous said...

Don't agree with Rosie - Prague is beautiful! Nice beer too!

Don't be telling lies now Radge... naughty naughty!!

Radge said...

I prefer lies by omission, Anonymous. By the way, I'd recognise that penmanship anywhere. You don't fool me woman!

FACT said...

I don't agree with Rosie - Prague is one fantastic city!

Now, on to more interesting matters...

"Upon finding out my plans, 5x gushed: "Do you KNOW how much sex you're going to have? DO YOU???"

Going by my current leg-over-value ratio, yes I do - none of".... You shouldn't be telling lies Radge - naughty naughty!!

FACT said...

This thing is annoying - thought it didn't publish my anonymous comment and then lo and behold (after I'd set up a new account) - it was there. Treachery!

Radge said...

Quiet you!