Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radge, horse shit fetishist.

Took a dinger of a drive today. Well, born to be driven as I am, Anne took me on a dinger of a drive today.

We went to Wicklow, to Ballybeg House, where she is next year to be wed. I was blown away, and I'm a hard man to impress ("wow, a BLUE car!!!"). It really is a place to behold though, unspoiled and majestic and with the smell of burnt wood I've only known from Sean and Kathy's place in Bantry.

Words can't do the place a justice, but the miles and miles of valley and horse shite speak for themselves.

Bring on next June.

What else is to be said? Not a whole damn lot. Back in Dublin anyway, albeit briefly, as I have to hightail it down the country again tomorrow.

(The television cries "my vagina's depressed" and Radge realises Adam And Paul has become Sex And The City. Abort! ABORT!)

Ah here, I'm unfocused tonight. This is shit. I'll get some cohesive thoughts together and come back anon.

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Terence McDanger said...

Now I just skimmed over that, but I'm worried about your vagina.

You can get cream for that you know.