Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Getting the rhyme wrong.

Bold child that I am, I'm blogging from Setanta Towers on departure day minus two. Thinking of how I'll spend my days before I go and see the great European beyond.

1. Euro 2008 - Matches daily at 5pm and 7.45pm. Happy days. Having said that, I'll probably only watch games that involve Fernando Torres and that Portuguese gimp Ronaldo. Fine player but an awful cunt altogether.

2. Drinking - Remorseful as I am after last night's events in The Globe, I know I won't be able resist those summer ales. It's over for me and Guinness though.

3. Blogging - Please love me.

4. Betting - I have never placed a bet in my life, but I need a new addiction to complement my descent into alcoholism. I'll seek JW's counsel on this, he'll steer me towards value and/or bankruptcy.

5. Dogging - Must start those driving lessons.

6. DVD box sets - I'm on the hunt for the fourth series of The Wire and the second and third serieses of The US Office.

7. Sexual intercourse - Nothing like a bit of slap and tickle to kill two minutes and 28 seconds*.

8. List compiling - Nothing like a bit of list compiling to kill the day before Leaving Work Eve.

9. Hate campaigning against Mary Lou McDonald - I wouldn't touch her with 5x's.

10. Bollock scratching - Never underestimate how long I can spend 'adjusting'.

*Divide by three. Multiply by one.


Dot-Com said...

I would make a comment on that, I really would!

I dare you to!

But I can modify it, you know.

…two hours later…

I haven’t received your comment yet!

Been busy, maybe later.


And so it’s comment time now. I’m of course commenting on what I’m sure is a very scientific calculation in point number 7. I want to believe your math skills are fantastic, but…

2 minutes and 28 seconds / 3 * 1 leaves something missing. In scientific terms it’s the (628 * 4) / 8 + 23… in the not so scientific terms, there’s an explosion of a difference!

Modification time???

Radge said...

Maths was never my strong point!

Rosie said...

i'm lost. what's dogging?

Radge said...

Dogging involves watching people having sex in parked cars.

It's not the most noble of pursuits.