Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still afoot.

Yes it has been three weeks since my last post, what of it? Warm remains the blood coursing through these veins, and I’ve been fretting and plotting over Johnny’s impending stag party in Liverpool.

Oh glory be but it’s going to be lunacy, with 30 Irish souls, and one Athlonian, sunken in booze from the early hours of Friday until the middle hours of Sunday.

The Formule1 hotel houses us. I’m pretty nervous about this place, what with it being ranked the worst hotel in Liverpool, but take comfort from the fact that 16 other members of our party will be in rooms adjacent. Hopefully.

Otherwise, I’m on a midweek break from the bottle, given that the weekend just gone saw me destroyed in a bad way. We’d the suit fitting for the wedding on Sunday, with the aftermath seeing us guzzling our way through Foley’s, Toner’s, somewhere drunk and somewhere drunker again. As a result I eschewed beer with the lads for the match last night, an action regretted upon having to deal with Riise’s blunder completely sober. Sakes.

Anyway, those of you who know me most will know the summer plans are coming along nicely if slowly. Those of you who know me less will find out in good time what the devil I’m up to.

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