Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post 200.

Look to your right and you'll see photos from Stef's recent trip home from Heidelberg. I decided to steal them from her Facebook page because, well, I could.

Unfortunately blogger wouldn't let me create a slideshow, so they're strewn down the side banner, but these are the breaks.

Anyway, welcome to the new Radgery, with the lights turned down and the Stag's Head given its rightful place in the banner. What has caused this cosmetic surgery? A spanking new dashboard is what, enabling even the technophobiest of cocks such as myself to pretty up his weblog and greet the world anew.

I'm still not right after the weekend. After swearing blind (eye test tomorrow) that I'd take it handy and stick to my project this weekend, I folded in the face of relentless calls and texts from Cowzer and Johnny. Saturday took us to Stepaside, yonder in the mountains somewhere, to see where Kev calls home.

Sunday was grand slam or something, with Liverpool plundered senseless by the rags. We could do nothing but lament by way of drink and Mulligans and Capital. 4am I got home. I outlasted Dave and Emma in the drinking stakes. Don't think that has ever happened before, what with them being more addicted to the shindig than I am. They won't deny it either.

Still shook, and next door are letting loose with a fucking power drill. Sakes.

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Dot-Com said...

Try this for slideshows if you get really ambitious http://www.slideroll.com/myslideshows.php :-)