Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gid. Totally gid.

Old Terry McDanger wants me to reference him on the blog here by tagging or using something called a meme or, well, here - check out - that's the best I can with absolutely no technical savvy whatsoever.

Hello anyway. I've lazily drunk my way through the last few days but tea was the height of it. I've never heard of anyone overdosing on it. Never has there been known a 'lemon and ginger tea high,' but I really do love the way it leaves a slight tingle on the tongue with none of the acidity of other lemon-based beverages.

Slap in a Marks And Spencer's mini-bite and you're away.

On to far more important matters - congratulations go out to Kev and Aideen (Kev correct me if I've mis-spelt your lady love's name) who are the proud father and mother to baby Joshua since last Friday.

Moving next to the social pages - I've done very little. A few crafty halves last Friday aside with Emma, Dave, Brian and JP, I've been indoors crafting my work of whatever the fuck it is. Not going terribly well. How can anything go smoothly when Paramount show a weekend's worth of Scrubs? Sunday Stacks kill all creativity.

Right, better run, Lotto to be won.

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