Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three paragraphs.

I see my old friend Terry McDanger has gone into something of a slump. A man who blogged daily through the approach of winter has seen spring steal his pen or, more to the point, the two fingers he uses to wax forth. Get it sorted. We all need a little bit of moo-dog.

Well, I'll never be either as prolific or as barren as you will all have come to know by now, checking in weekly or whenever it suits and this time around I'm struggling with the cold everyone else seemed to have over the Christmas there.

It began as something else last Thursday, the lurgy perhaps, causing me to miss two days of work. When that ailment shifted off it left nothing more than a sniffle in its wake, and back to Setanta Central with me yesterday. Last night was a different story though, a flurry of sneezing and spittle to beat the band and laid up today with little for solace only Kellogg's Country Store and Goals On Sunday. They're showing Wigan.

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