Sunday, January 20, 2008

I steal Dave's mints when he's not looking.

Lo and behold, it's me, back from wherever I was. I understand my blogging has been sporadic of late, and apologies go out to my six readers who hang on my every word like leeches to something adhesive or a human body in some unnamed jungle.

What an intro.

I'm down with a kidney infection at present, rushing in and out of the jacks trying to avoid catastrophe and the sponging of the carpet. Successful so far, I'll hope the ailment passes before the words 'granny' and 'flat' take on more of a literal meaning.

It's been a relatively quiet January, dented only by nights out in Bowe's, the Hairy Lemon, the Long Stone and then last Thursday in Kehoes. It was a date blind in its inception and uninspired in its execution. I'd taken note of various tips from sources more worldly than myself, given a longer than long hiatus from the world of boy meets girl meets intercourse. It all went out the window on the night itself though, when I reverted to the state of shifting awkwardly and wondering what excuse I could use to absent myself.

The best dates are not like job interviews, but this one was, though I'm not laying any blame on her. We said our goodbyes, and I eschewed the whole 'let's meet again some time' palaver because, well, I had no interest in doing this particular dance again.

Enough of that. I saw 'No Country For Old Men' yesterday with Fell. I don't remember the last time I'd wanted to see a film so badly, so took the first available opportunity to drink at the font of the Coens' new 'masterpiece'. Of course, such a build-up could only leave me deflated and so it was.

The film, while magnificently played by Tommy Lee Jones, Mickey Dolenz and your man from The Goonies, meandered along and then finished. Loose ends went untied and the much vaunted violence was alluded to rather than played out in front of the audience. Perhaps I'm a bloodthirsty wretch but it left me wondering what my overall opinion of the film was. I'm still not sure. Still, I'm curious enough to give it another look at some point soon.

I felt like this after seeing 'Heat' for the first time, so it could turn into a seminal piece for me yet.

(Darts to bathroom)

Curse my infernal innards!

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Terence McDanger said...

No country for old men. Saw it myself over the weekend and it reminds me of a remark my mother made when she saw a particularly ambitious haircut I got years ago.

"It'll be nice when it's finished," she said.

I felt a bit cheated but it's still a fine movie in many respects.