Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Play us Aslan, will yeh??

Just saw Once. A little cracker of a film, it is. I was sceptical approaching it, what with Glen Hansard's recent missteps in terms of, well, coming very close to disappearing up his own hole. However, he makes this work nicely, very natural like and the songs with Marketa Irglova by and large stand to scrutiny. Yeah. Well worth your time.

Even 5X thought it praiseworthy, irony of ironies given the caricature he did of me recently, replete with Frames t-shirt. Doesn't he know I've long since moved on to stalking Matt Berninger and company? Plainly not. He lives in Paris after all.

Last week came the advent of Radge Lash '07, or Radge'n'Richie lash as this was. Bowe's was more than a hospitable venue though they could have thrown in an aul platter for our 100 euro, but that's a minor quibble. Myself, Richie and Niamho started things off before dribs became drabs became a throng of willing drinkers such as ourselves.

I'll say it for Dr. Fell, he's in league with some serious beauties there. Me? I was content to drink a Jameson and a Powers and a JD and Jagebomb courtesy of Aisling and become a silhouette of my normally soberous self. We hit Doyle's afterwards. Apparently. I'm cloudier for the recollection.

Not quite restored to myself yet, was really some session, and been on the dry since and watching earnest Irish musicians make really very good films indeed. There's no 'P' in 'Once'.

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