Thursday, November 29, 2007

Half and half.

Well I dusted myself down after the trauma of my PS I Love You experience, slept a little later the next morning, and lay in wait for the weekend. It wasn't long in arriving, with the call coming from Johnny at 3pm on Friday to drop down to him for a couple of sociables.

It was the first great lost weekend of the year.

And it November.

We saw out Friday in Forbes Quay, later to be joined by Owen. Must have been hammered because by the time I got back to my place it 1.30am, and I fell outside the flat doing a damage to my shoulder. I bear the scars still.

Woke up the next day in a rotten heap, and swore I wasn't going to make a return visit to Johnny's place to watch the Liverpool game. The mountain would come to Mohammed, as he and Cowzer showed up at Radge Central bearing armfuls of Stella.

I'd recovered at this stage sufficiently to down one or two. Then I got a taste for it. Newcastle vanquished, Cowzer headed off and myself and Johnny decided to be 20 again. Over to Spar for bottles of Lech (4/10), Tyskie (6/10) and Praszky (N/A - drunk by then) and more Stella or Heineken or something. Jesus.

Then Kenny arrived around 8 bells - more gargle. He did one at 11 so myself and Johnny headed for Downeys for pints and whiskey. All I remember is baulking at the spartan nature of the seating arrangement and swaying manfully on my crooked stool.

Midnight or so we found a party next door to me so, takeaway beer in tow, we headed inside to a nicely decorated slightly-older-than-student house with festive cheer and bellies full to the brim with the day's destroyment.

I don't remember much about that party, save for wandering into various dormitories searching for God only knows what. And God knows what was unfortunately not got.

Aftermath: I woke in the middle of the night, around 4am, to discover an empty flat. I'll admit to loneliness at that point, I'd come used to the company again, but these things happen. The days after saw me become more and more, not less and less, wretched as I realised the poisoning I'd done unto myself.

Worth every last drop of sweet, sweet Lech though.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I was scrolling down your blog and I just read that your birthday is on Nov I am just a few hours late to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I am not just an anonymous reader, we met the other day, my name is Drinking Shoes....remember me?